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Lasting side effects of propranolol

Propranolol is a widely-used beta blocker. This drug affects the heart and circulatory system and prescribed to prevent heart attacks and regulate angina or chest pain, hypertension, hearth rhythm issues and prevent other heart or vascular conditions. The medication is also given for hyperthyroid ailments, muscle tremors, some anxiety conditions and to lessen the frequency […]

Chocolate allergy: What are the signs?

The signs of chocolate allergy can arise in just minutes or within several hours after eating chocolate. A reaction can range from rashes to difficulty breathing. The severe symptoms might require emergency care. An actual allergy to cocoa is considered rare. In most instances, an allergy or intolerance to other components in chocolate or chocolate-based […]

Am I allergic to sulphur?

Sulphur is an essential building block of life that is relatively safe and not toxic via ingestion, inhalation or skin and eye contact. It is available in various forms and those who are highly sensitive to the elemental sulphur might be allergic to sulfites utilized as preservatives in medications and foods as well as sulfate […]