Be prepared with a first aid kit for your beach vacation

Once you have planned out your next vacation at the beach, you must also bring along a specialized first aid kit. If you have not created a first aid kit yet, all you have to do is to follow the steps below. You will have peace of mind knowing that the remedies that you need for any situations that can occur in the beach are readily available in your kit.

When spending some time in the beach, you should always be prepared with your own kit so that any minor problems can be treated without any trouble. Aside from sunscreen, also bring along protection from the sun such as hats or any covering from the sun while lingering in the beach or taking part in any of the water sports.

Steps in creating your first aid kit for the beach

first aid kit

You have to include gauze pads, adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment and soap that can be used to treat small scrapes or cuts.

  1. For protection against sunburns, you should include a waterproof sunscreen that has an SPF factor of at least 30. Children and individuals with fair skin should use one with an SPF factor of 50. Always remember that you can easily get sunburns in the beach. In case sunburns develop, you have to apply calamine lotion.
  2. You have to include gauze pads, adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment and soap that can be used to treat small scrapes or cuts.
  3. For jellyfish stings, you have to include antihistamine medications, meat tenderizer and vinegar. Vinegar is used for stings from a box jellyfish since it helps neutralize any leftover stingers in tentacles that have not discharged yet. As for the meat tenderizer, it is used for Portuguese Man o’ war stings instead of vinegar. The antihistamine medications will relieve the itchiness as well as thwart or delay any reaction. It can also be utilized for other scenarios that involve allergic reactions such as allergies to food.
  4. There should be at least 2 cold packs that can be used for pain or swelling such as joint sprains, bruises, stings and burns.
  5. Include a pair of blunt and pointed tweezers to pull out spines or stingers from sea urchins or removing splinters.
  6. Over-the-counter medications for pain such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen must be included in your first aid kit for swelling or pain.
  7. Always bring along information on how to utilize the items in your kit such as a basic first aid book along with instructions on how to treat stings from marine creatures such as sea urchins and jellyfish.

Important considerations to remember

If you do not have enough time to gather the items for your special first aid kit, you can find one available in the market. In case the individual is experiencing unusual swelling or pain or distressing symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat, you have to seek emergency care.


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