Benefits of a back brace

A back brace is typically used to provide external support to the complex structures of the spinal column. This type of brace has various purposes including posture support, immobilization, symptom regulation and protection against injuries.

Once a back brace is indicated, it works by relieving the symptoms linked with spinal conditions as well as promote recovery. If an individual needs to use a back brace, an orthopedist or physical therapist should be consulted to determine the suitable type to use.

Pain control

Many individuals who suffer from back conditions experience pain as the most debilitating symptom. The pain is usually worsened by certain movements and positions that strain on the damaged structures of the back.

A back brace is beneficial in managing the back pain by limiting undesirable movements and allowing the injured structures to properly heal. The brace also helps reduce the pain by compressing the abdomen which takes off the load from the intervertebral discs, vertebrae and other structures of the spinal column.

Back brace

Many individuals who suffer from back conditions experience pain as the most debilitating symptom.


There are certain spinal conditions that require the back to stay immobilized for a period of time. These include traumatic injuries such as surgical fusions and fractures of the spine. With the help of immobilization, it limits the amount of available movement at the injury site in a controlled manner as well as allowing the healing process to take place.

If immobilization is not provided, the individual will unintentionally worsen the condition while performing daily activities. Various back braces are specifically designed to reduce certain movements. Always bear in mind that these braces work by limiting various movements including extension, flexion and rotation.

Posture support

Posture is the relative position of the spine in an upright position. The normal postural alignment is vital in order to maintain a healthy back.

Always bear in mind that an abnormal posture is usually due to pain, injury, weakness or structural deformities. Individuals who have poor posture are usually required to use a back brace to maintain the normal curvature and alignment of the spine. A back brace can be useful in promoting normal posture by providing an external support that corrects the abnormal stance.


Oftentimes, the invasive treatment options such as nerve blocks and surgery are required to manage back conditions and deformities. Nevertheless, conservative treatments can be utilized before attempting any of the invasive treatments.

The doctor might prescribe a back brace if conservative treatment is required. The favorable aspect of a back brace is its non-invasive approach. This is preferred by those who do not want to undergo surgery.


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