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Treatment of childhood asthma

Recently, research regarding the diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma made a big difference in controlling asthma among children. The burden of asthma is higher for children than adults. It is important to note that asthma is the most prevalent lasting disorder in childhood which affects millions below 18 years of age. The reason why […]

Beck’s Triad

Beck’s triad refers to the three characteristic signs that indicated cardiac tamponade. Cardiac tamponade is a condition caused by the accumulation of blood or fluids in the pericardial space, the space between the sac that encloses the heart and the heart muscle, which results to extreme pressure on the heart. In turn, the ventricles of […]

Mouth to Mouth Ventilations

CPR and first-aid requirements modify close to nearly every 4 years. A lot of these adjustments are advised through a sizeable information and analysis institution known as the ILCOR. A lot of focus within the recent few years has been regarding compression only CPR. This potent focus on compression only CPR has resulted in countless […]

Open Wounds and Osteoporosis

workplace approved CPR training courses and re-certifications are available through First Aid Winnipeg. Today’s topic will cover osteoporosis which occurs when calcium in your bones decreases which will result in frail bones. This may lead to bone injuries and is unfortunately not diagnosed until a fracture occurs. As a result, it affects 25% of women […]

Proper Utilization of an Automated External Defibrillation

workplace approved CPR training courses provided by First Aid Winnipeg will demonstrate proper utilization of AED and other life saving techniques. Some helpful tips when using an AED is to not place the electrodes over a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator. When the machine is analyzing or shocking, it is extremely important that no one touch […]