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Compartment syndrome

Compartment syndrome is defined as an infrequent but sore condition that arises if pressure inside the compartment muscles rises to unsafe levels. These compartments are generally found in the legs and arms. Take note that a compartment is wrapped by a tissue layer known as the fascia. The rise in the pressure can reduce the […]

Abdominal aneurysm: What are the indications?

An abdominal aneurysm develops if the abdominal aorta weakens and widens. If it becomes too large or triggers symptoms, treatment is necessary to prevent it from rupturing and causing severe complications. Even though many cases of an abdominal aneurysm might be present for many years without triggering any signs, there are symptoms that the individual […]

What is acute kidney injury?

Acute kidney injury involves sudden damage to the kidneys that results to dysfunction. It can range from minimal loss of kidney function to complete kidney failure. Acute kidney injury typically occurs as a complication of another serious condition. This is often seen among the elderly who are sick with other conditions and the kidneys are […]

Overview on intracerebral hemorrhage

Intracerebral hemorrhage occurs when blood abruptly ruptures into the brain tissue, resulting to brain damage. The indications generally arise suddenly and the accumulation of blood places pressure on the brain and disrupts with the oxygen supply. This can rapidly cause damage to the brain and nerves. Remember that this is a medical emergency that requires […]

Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Subarachnoid hemorrhage is an uncommon form of stroke triggered by bleeding on the brain surface. It is a serious condition that can be deadly. Indications There are no warning indications but oftentimes occur during straining or physical effort such as using the toilet, coughing or lifting heavy objects. The main indications include the following: Abrupt […]

Abusive head trauma

Abusive head trauma is also called as a shaken baby syndrome which is a form of inflicted head injury. This can be caused by a direct blow to the head, throwing or dropping and shaking a child. Remember that head trauma is the main cause of death in cases of child abuse in various countries […]