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Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Subarachnoid hemorrhage is an uncommon form of stroke triggered by bleeding on the brain surface. It is a serious condition that can be deadly. Indications There are no warning indications but oftentimes occur during straining or physical effort such as using the toilet, coughing or lifting heavy objects. The main indications include the following: Abrupt […]

Abusive head trauma

Abusive head trauma is also called as a shaken baby syndrome which is a form of inflicted head injury. This can be caused by a direct blow to the head, throwing or dropping and shaking a child. Remember that head trauma is the main cause of death in cases of child abuse in various countries […]

Hookworm infection

Hookworm infection usually involves the intestines that can trigger an itchy rash, digestive and respiratory issues and eventually iron deficiency anemia due to the continuous blood loss. Millions of individuals are infected with hookworms which are actually intestinal roundworms. The infection is quite prevalent in tropical regions where sanitation is poor. Remember that hookworms thrive […]

Overview on dengue

Dengue or “breakbone” fever affects millions of individuals all over the globe yearly. Due to travel and transport, the condition has reached the global scale. What are the symptoms of dengue? Almost half of cases do not have any evident symptoms. The other cases have fever or mild symptoms. The symptomatic disease might be dengue […]

Appetite loss caused by gastritis

Gastritis involves the inflammation of the stomach lining. The condition can be momentary which is called as acute gastritis or chronic gastritis which lasts for month or even years. Many individuals do not experience any symptoms but appetite loss is a possible symptom. Since gastritis has various causes and usually confused with other stomach issues […]

What are the symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding?

Gastrointestinal bleeding includes bleeding from any part of the GI tract from the mouth to the anus. The gastrointestinal tract is divided into the upper gastrointestinal tract that includes the mouth, esophagus and stomach while the lower gastrointestinal tract includes the small and large intestine and the rectum. The bleeding is categorized as apparent and […]

Acceleration/deceleration injuries to the brain

Whiplash is considered as a complex syndrome that is called as acceleration/deceleration injuries. These injuries commonly occur due to closed head trauma and vehicular accidents that are the prevalent cause of upsetting brain injury. In order to help out those who are involved in such accidents, you can enroll in a first aid course. Whiplash […]