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Achilles tendon rupture

Achilles tendon rupture occurs if there is excessive tension placed on the tendon. The tears on the Achilles tendon can vary from a minor tear which triggers trivial pain and loss of function or a full rupture that necessitates reconstruction via surgery. What are the causes? Achilles tendon rupture is likely to occur among individuals […]

Rebound headache

A rebound headache develops from frequent or prolonged use of headache medications. Occasional or frequent episodes of headache without any serious underlying causes can be relieved by using pain medications or analgesics. Nevertheless, if the individual used them frequently or gets used to them, a rebound headache will start to manifest. The frequency of a […]

Black lung disease

Black lung disease causes damage to the lungs due to inflammation of the air sacs and scarring. The condition is caused by inhalation of coal dust. Even today, there is no treatment but the symptoms can be treated and complications can be prevented. Those who work in coal mines face a high risk for developing […]

Solar plexus syndrome

Solar plexus syndrome or winded occurs if the individual is subjected to abrupt powerful force to the abdomen. This results to difficulty in breathing and often characterized as having the wind stricken out. What are the indications of solar plexus syndrome? It is important to note that being winded is due to an abrupt impact […]

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is a severe respiratory condition among humans but considered uncommon. Rodents are reported to carry hantavirus and those who come in contact are at risk for developing the condition. It is important to note that hantavirus can affect even healthy individuals at any time if exposed to rodents. Even though the disease […]

Side stitch

A side stitch is usually felt on one side of the abdomen, usually on the right side at around the region of the lower ribs. It is important to note that in most cases of abdominal pain that arises during exercise, it is referred to as side stitch. It is considered common among individuals who […]

Stiff neck

A stiff neck is a usual complaint that can occur in most individuals at some point. It is usually brief, lasting only for a few days at a time. In most cases, a stiff neck is due to tightness of the muscles. Indications A stiff, tight sensation in the neck and neighboring muscles Difficulty in […]

Bacterial meningitis

Bacterial meningitis affects the meninges surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This form of meningitis is the most common but can be life-threatening. It can trigger the swelling of the tissues surrounding the brain that leads to the disruption of the blood flow that can result to stroke or paralysis. What are the causes? The […]

Close look on coma

Coma is described as a prolonged state of unconsciousness. It is due to various health conditions such as stroke, brain tumor, drug or alcohol intoxication, traumatic head injury or an underlying condition such as diabetes or an infection. A coma is a medical emergency that necessitates immediate action to preserve brain function as well as […]

Causes of eye twitching

Eye twitching is known to affect millions of individuals all over the globe. This involves repetitive and uncontrollable blinking or ticking of the eyelids which usually come and go, but in some cases, it can last for weeks or even months. Even though not an issue to worry about, it can be considered serious if […]