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Do I have pecan allergy?

Pecan allergy can trigger undesirable symptoms among sensitive individuals. If an individual has the allergy, the immune system responds to the proteins by triggering symptoms such as vomiting, hives, throat swelling, shortness of breath and dizziness. Food allergy is likely to affect young children than adults. Even though children can outgrow most allergies, allergies to […]

Vegemite allergy

Vegemite is a made of brewer’s yeast extract with added vitamins as well as minerals. It is usually served on a toast for breakfast. Nevertheless, the spread might trigger an allergic reaction or food sensitivity due to glutamates, gluten and yeast. In case the allergy is suspected, a doctor should be consulted for testing to […]

Cashew allergy: What are the signs to watch out for?

The indications of cashew allergy typically involve the skin, digestive and respiratory system. Always bear in mind that this allergy might pose a higher risk for anaphylaxis. Close look on the signs of cashew allergy Skin issues Once the body is exposed to the allergen, large amounts of histamine are released. The significant amount is […]

Tendinitis: What are the over-the-counter treatments?

Tendinitis develops if a tendon becomes irritated or inflamed. It can develop in any tendon but typically affects the knee, elbow, shoulder, thumb, wrist and ankle. Over-the-counter measures such as cold and heat therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and other forms of tendon support can help in lessening the pain and swelling. Commonly used treatment for tendinitis […]

What is phlebitis?

Phlebitis is characterized as inflammation of a vein. The vein becomes inflamed due to the presence of a blood clot within or if there is damage to the vein walls. If an individual has superficial thrombophlebitis, it is an inflamed vein close to the skin surface, typically due to a blood clot. Indications When it […]

What is uveitis?

Uveitis involves inflammation of the middle layer of the eye or uvea or uveal tract. This condition instigates eye pain and vision changes. Generally, most cases settle with treatment, usually steroid medications. Oftentimes, the condition can lead to further eye issues such as cataracts and glaucoma. The sooner the condition is managed, the more successful […]

Overview on chilblains

Chilblains are itchy, small-sized swellings on the skin that arise as a reaction to cold temperatures. It most often affects the extremities such as the fingers, toes, ears, heels and the nose. The condition can be quite uncomfortable, but rarely lead to any lasting damage. It generally heals within a few weeks if prolonged cold […]

What is cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is the scarring of the liver brought about by long-term damage. The scar tissue prevents the liver from functioning properly. The condition can eventually lead to liver failure where the organ ceases to function which can be deadly. Nevertheless, it takes years for the condition to reach this phase and treatment can help in […]