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Chocolate allergy: What are the signs?

The signs of chocolate allergy can arise in just minutes or within several hours after eating chocolate. A reaction can range from rashes to difficulty breathing. The severe symptoms might require emergency care. An actual allergy to cocoa is considered rare. In most instances, an allergy or intolerance to other components in chocolate or chocolate-based […]

Medical adhesive: What are the signs of an allergic reaction?

Medical adhesive is usually present in bandages, surgical and medical tapes as well as other wound care products. In most of the reactions believed to be due to medical adhesive, it is typically due to non-allergic irritation from one or more chemicals present in the adhesive. This skin reaction is typically called as irritant contact […]

Contact dermatitis: Commonly-used home remedies

Several home remedies can help clear contact dermatitis due to skin irritation or allergic reaction. This skin condition develops if an individual is directly exposed to a harsh substance such as bleach repeatedly or if touching something that the individual is allergic to such as chemicals, plants or metal jewelry. An itchy, reddened, painful rash […]

Gas: Ideal remedies for children

A child experiencing gas can result to digestive discomfort. There are several measures that can provide relief to the discomfort caused by gas. Home remedies or over-the-counter drugs can be used. In case the child suffers from excessive or recurrent gas, a doctor should be consulted to rule out other food allergies or other health […]