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What is vernal conjunctivitis?

Vernal conjunctivitis is triggered by an allergic reaction. The condition results to chronic eye inflammation that frequently occurs during the spring and summer season. This is usually due to the normal increase of allergens in the air. The condition can also be triggered by an allergic response to the following: Cigarette smoke Chlorine in swimming […]

Walking pneumonia in children

Walking pneumonia is the most prevalent form of pneumonia. It is the mildest form that can affect both children and adults. Children with the condition do not require hospitalization since the symptoms are less severe than the other types of pneumonia. What are the indications? The indications of walking pneumonia are strikingly the same to […]

Ear bleeding

Ear bleeding involves drainage that includes blood. It is important to note that the discharge might be a combination of wax, pus, blood and fluid. Even though there are other causes, the usual cause is a perforated or ruptured eardrum. The ear is divided into 3 areas – outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. […]

Ear fullness

Ear fullness is a sensation that the ears are clogged, congested or stuffed when swallowing, yawning or other usual measures in eliminating it does not work. There is a muffled or slightly impaired hearing as well. The fullness in the ear accompanied by cold and flu-like symptoms is usually brought about by a blocked Eustachian […]

Bedbug bites

A bedbug is a small, wingless insect that are nocturnal parasites that rest during the day and feed at night. Nevertheless, bedbugs are considered opportunistic and even bite in the day, especially if starved for some time. Bedbugs prefer to hide on mattresses and bedding where they have easy access to food. Indications of bedbug […]

What is influenza?

The influenza is a viral infection that can affect both adults and children. The symptoms of influenza are worse than common cold and lasts longer. Most of the outbreaks occur in late fall and winter. Since the symptoms might not start for several days, the condition can be spread to others before the individual knows […]


Cellulitis is a common form of skin infection due to the spread of bacteria in the skin to the deeper tissues. In most cases, the condition is mild and lasts for several days up to several weeks. On the other hand, it can oftentimes progress to a serious infection resulting to severe sickness that involves […]