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What happens if a button battery is ingested?

Button battery or dry cell battery are utilized as a portable source of power. These miniature cells are round with the size of a coin and generally used in small electronic devices and watches. An individual might accidentally or intentionally swallow a button battery. Once swallowed, the batteries can potentially cause significant injuries among children. […]

Emulsion paint poisoning

Emulsion paint is a commonly-used, water-based paint for interior ceilings and walls. Poisoning can occur if the compound is accidentally or intentionally ingested. Intake can occur via swallowing the liquid or inhaling the vapors. It might also enter the eye, resulting to eye-related symptoms. Some of the toxic components present in these paints include vinyl […]

Dealing with elemental mercury poisoning

Elemental mercury poisoning can occur if any compounds containing it is ingested by accident or intentionally. It is important to note that mercury is a heavy silver-gray metal in liquid form that exists in organic, elemental and inorganic forms. Elemental mercury is utilized in dental filling and present in thermometers and batteries. Indications The indications […]

What is lead poisoning?

Lead poisoning is a serious and often deadly condition due to the buildup of lead in the body. It is important to note that lead is a toxic metal and potent poison. It is present in lead-based paints including those used in old houses and toys as well as in art supplies, gasoline products and […]

What is aftershave poisoning?

Aftershave poisoning generally occurs among small children who accidentally ingest aftershave. It is important to note that aftershave is available as a gel, lotion or liquid that is applied on the face after shaving. If ingested, aftershave can cause detrimental effects. Most aftershave products include isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol. These ingredients are dangerous if […]

What is acetone poisoning?

Acetone poisoning occurs if there is more acetone present in the body than what the liver can break down. Acetone is described as a clear liquid that has a similar scent to nail polish remover. If out in the open, it rapidly disperses and remains extremely flammable. It is dangerous to use acetone around an […]

Kerosene poisoning

Kerosene is the oil utilized as a fuel in lamps as well as for cooking and heating. Once this substance is ingested by an individual or exposed in other ways such as inhaling or exposure to the skin, it can trigger the manifestation of various symptoms that affects different bodily systems. What are the signs […]

What is pufferfish poisoning?

When it comes to pufferfish poisoning, it is strikingly similar to paralytic shellfish poisoning. The poison in pufferfish is called tetrodotoxin which is one of the highly toxic poisons in nature. Aside from pufferfish, the toxin is also present in sunfish, blowfish, toadfish, toads, balloon fish, globefish, porcupine fish and swellfish. Many individuals who consume […]