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Knee arthritis: Commonly used treatment options

Arthritis is a condition characterized as a painful and debilitating condition. Once the weight-bearing joints are affected, particularly the knee, it has a serious life-altering impact on work, recreation and daily living. Luckily, there are several treatment options for knee arthritis and every option matches to the seriousness of the symptoms. Over-the-counter remedies for knee […]

Cervical herniated disc: What are the signs?

A cervical herniated disc is characterized as displacement of an intervertebral disc that crushes the exiting nerves. The pressure on the nerves triggers the symptoms. It is important to note that the discs of the neck are known as the cervical discs which provide cushion to the vertebrae and provide room for the nerves to […]

Greenstick wrist fracture: How is it treated?

A greenstick wrist fracture is common among children. It is important to note that fractures among children are different from adult due to the anatomical and physiologic variances in the developing skeleton. Bones of children are porous and softer than adults. This is the reason why there are different patterns for the fractures. Characteristics of […]