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Calcaneal stress fracture

A calcaneal stress fracture is usually due to overuse. The injury is prevalent among soldiers who endured long-distance marching as well as road runners. In most cases, the treatment involves getting enough rest for 6-8 weeks followed by gradual return to training and fitness. Close look on a calcaneal stress fracture A calcaneal stress fracture […]

Fractured foot bones: What are the usual remedies?

Fractured foot bones can develop and one might not be even aware of it. The swelling and pain along with the bruising are the usual indications to watch out for. Luckily, there are home remedies to restore functioning of the foot at a pain-free level. The vital points in managing fractured foot bones includes reducing […]

Hairline wrist fracture: What are the suitable treatments?

A wrist fracture can disrupt with ability to perform daily tasks at home or in the workplace. Falling onto an extended hand or being involved in vehicular accidents can result to a hairline fracture on any part of the wrist. Close look on hairline fractures A hairline fracture is considered as a non-displaced fracture that […]