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CPR Combined With First Aid

Lots of people need to be trained in first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation for academics or job applications. A lot of participants assume that they are required to register for two different programmes, one for 1st aid in addition to the alternative designed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Fortunately, most of the large Canadian first aid companies […]

Check, Call, Care!

First Aid Winnipeg provides CPR training and courses in the capital of Manitoba. workplace approved CPR training provided through Winnipeg First Aid includes CPR level “A”, “C” and CPR “HCP” which is the most comprehensive CPR course available. When learning CPR, one easy method to remember what to do in an emergency situation is to […]

Winnipeg First Aid and Effective Communication with our Clients

With our extensive experience in the teaching field which ultimately stemmed from being a student, Winnipeg First Aid courses understands the needs of our clients by meeting and exceeding their expectations as participants of the workplace approved class. As a large majority of clients are required to take this course, that does not mean these […]

Hello Winnipeg

Winnipeg first aid proudly brings workplace approved first aid and CPR courses to the Winnipeg Area. We are a experienced provider in workplace approved programs that offer top quality first aid training and CPR courses. We have a wide variety of courses and re-certification classes. Register on-line through our secure registration program. Courses are starting […]