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Pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers are defined as damage to the skin and underlying tissue, mainly due to prolonged pressure on the skin. Anyone can be affected but usually those who are confined to bed or being seated in a chair or wheelchair for extended periods of time. What are the signs? Pressure ulcers typically affect any body […]

Broken rib

A broken rib can occur after sustaining a chest injury or from forceful coughing. It is important to note that the ribs are difficult to damage since they are encircled by sturdy muscles. In most cases, a broken rib is only damaged in one site. If an individual has a fully broken rib, it may […]

Diabetic foot conditions

Foot conditions are the main reason for hospitalization among individuals with diabetes. The condition can affect the nerves in the foot and prevents the individual from feeling any injuries. It can also result to diminished or altered flow of blood that prevents proper healing of injuries. Since minor injuries can progress to major ones among […]

Sea anemone sting

A sea anemone is a marine creature that thrives in the ocean floors. Generally, they have a hydra-form with tentacles surrounding its mouth. These tentacles possess stinging harpoons that are capable of injecting venom. The creature can launch these harpoons even on slight contact pressure. The usual causes of a sea anemone sting typically include: […]

Barracuda bite

The barracuda is a fish species with a lean, torpedo-shaped body with sharp teeth. Generally, the fish only attacks as self-defense or if it feels threatened. Deep sea and coral reef divers are at risk for a barracuda bite. Interacting with the fish such as swimming near them or exploring the ocean floor within their […]

Human bites

Human bites might be harmless or serious. It is vital to determine though if one requires medical care. Remember that human bites involve a variety of injuries including deliberately imposed bites but also from being exposed to the teeth of another individual. What are the indications? A human bite is obvious, but there are cases […]

Scorpion sting

A scorpion sting can result to a wound or reaction after contact with a scorpion. Generally, it is an uncommon incident. Even though scorpions are present all over the world, most of them avoid human habitats. Some species that thrive together with humans might inflict a sore sting using their tail and inject venom. In […]