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Black toenail

A black toenail is a prevalent injury due to various causes such as direct trauma, impact to the toe or overuse. This injury can be caused by continuous rubbing against the interior of a shoe especially among long distance runners. What are the indications? In most cases, the affected toenail turns black in appearance due […]


Rabies is a disease acquired by humans from a bite from an animal infected by the rabies virus. Even with the advancements in diagnosing and preventing the disease, rabies remains one of the deadly diseases acquired by humans, especially if not properly treated. Rabies can be prevented with proper treatment. It is vital to determine […]

Nail injuries

Nail injuries can range from a minor bruise or separation of the nail from the nail bed. The fingernails are vital in the overall functionality of the fingertip. It is responsible for providing support for the finger pad and improves sensation. Some of the nail injuries can be complicated to fix. Lasting deformity to the […]

Black eye

A black eye is a common outcome of an injury to the face or the head. This is usually brought about by blood or other fluids that build-up in the space around the eye which leads to swelling and dark discoloration. Most cases of black eye are relatively minor injuries that heal in just a […]

Care for stiches: Measures to minimize scarring

Stitches is performed to sew together sections of skin that separated due to injury or a surgical procedure. This procedure is required to promote proper healing of wounds and minimize the risk for infection. Nevertheless, wounds that require stitches often scar as they heal which leaves behind uneven, discolored marks on the skin surface. Even […]

Animal bites

Animal bites are quite common on the hand and can trigger pain along with other issues especially if infection develops. Immediate and prompt management is the key in preventing issues from animal bites. The main issue when it comes to animal bites is infection. Once an animal delivers a bite, the bacteria from the mouth […]