Causes for bloodshot eyes

Dilated, enlarged blood vessels can cause redness on the surface of the eye. It is important to note that the redness can become even more pronounced since the vessels enlarge on the surface of the white part of the eye. The bloodshot eyes can oftentimes indicate underlying medical issues and at other times, it is not linked to any serious issue. Bloodshot eyes must be an issue of concern if the condition is accompanied by impaired vision or eye pain. If an individual has bloodshot eyes, it is best that you are prepared to handle the condition. This is possible by enrolling in a class on first aid today in your area.

Eye strain

Eye strain or fatigue can cause bloodshot eyes. It can be relieved by simply resting the eyes. In some cases, those who are fatigued and suffer from eye strain can constantly rub their eyes, which will only aggravate the condition. Often2times, eye strain or coughing can lead to a bright red bloody region on the sclera. Even though it can appear serious, it is considered common and typically resolves after a week or two.

Bloodshot eyes

Foreign objects that damage or cut the eye can cause bloodshot eyes and would require immediate treatment.

Eye damage

Foreign objects that damage or cut the eye can cause bloodshot eyes and would require immediate treatment. The cornea or the exterior covering of the eye can end up scratched by dust, sand or overusing contacts, thus resulting to eye redness. In some cases, corneal ulcers can develop due to bacterial or viral infection thus resulting to bloodshot eyes as well.

Exposure to irritants

Pollen, pet dander and dust are the common culprits for bloodshot eyes among those who have allergies. Many suffer from eye redness due to the environmental irritants such as sun exposure, dry air or blowing wind. The dry eyes typically lead to redness. Flu and common cold often lead to bloodshot eyes especially when accompanied by coughing, sneezing or lack of sleep. Even simple activities such as swimming in a chlorinated pool can irritate the eyes and cause redness.


Conjunctivitis is the inflammation or infection of the membrane that covers the eye surface. It is oftentimes contagious and can be caused by bacteria, virus, irritation or allergy. The redness or itching can occur once the eyelash follicles along the eyelid becomes inflamed which is a condition called blepharitis. The eyelids can also become crusty. Take note that bloodshot eyes occur once infection, immune system disorders, exposure to toxins cause eye inflammation that affects the eyeball surrounding the lens which can also include the iris.

Acute glaucoma

Eye redness that is accompanied by severe pain and visual disturbances can indicate acute glaucoma which is an abrupt increase in the eye pressure. Medical attention is required for this condition which can threaten the eyesight of the individual.


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