Child-related accidents

Majority of young children experience injuries and accidents throughout their lives. Take note that most are minor but it is vital to know what to do if an injury or accident is a serious type. For parents and caregivers, learning how to handle child-related accidents can help out a lot, you can sign-up for a first aid course so that you are prepared when accidents occur.

When accidents occur to children

It is a known fact that it can be difficult for some to know when to take a child directly to the emergency department or call for an ambulance. You have to call for an ambulance if the child:

  • Ceases to breath
  • Experiences difficulty breathing
  • Could not be awaken
  • Unconscious or unaware of what is going on
  • Experienced a fit for the first time

Do not hesitate to bring the child to the emergency department at the nearest hospital for the following cases:

  • Swallowed or ingested tablets or a poison
  • Has fever and insistently lethargic even if medications were given
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Arm or leg injury that diminishes the functionality
  • Cut that continues to bleed or gaping widely

In case you are concerned regarding the injuries sustained by a child and not certain if medical care is required, call for emergency assistance. If you are in doubt whether to move the injured child, always make sure that he/she is warm and then call for an ambulance.

child-related accidents

In case of cuts, cover with a clean dressing or gauze pad to control the bleeding.

Foreign object in the ears or nose

Due to the curious nature of children, they are likely to put objects inside their ears or nose. If there is an object lodged firmly in the ear or nose, leave it as is. Attempting to remove it will only push it further in. Bring the child to the nearest emergency department so that the foreign object can be removed by the healthcare professionals. In case the nose is blocked, show the child how to breathe via the mouth.

What to do for cuts?

Cuts that involve a lot of bleeding would require you to firmly press on the wound using a clean cloth. In case there is not one present, you can use your fingers and continue to press until the bleeding stops which can take 10 minutes or more. Do not tie anything around the injury tightly since it can disrupt the circulation.

If possible, elevate the injured limb in order to stop the bleeding. Do not attempt to do so if a broken limb is suspected. With a clean dressing or gauze pad, cover the wound. In case blood soaks through the dressing or pad, just leave it in place and use another pad or dressing over the top of the soiled one.

What to do for broken bones during injuries?

In case the spine or neck of the child is injured, call for an ambulance. Do not attempt to move the child since it can cause further damage. There is swelling and pain in the affected limb if there is a broken bone.

If the child could not be moved without causing pain, call for an ambulance. If the child can be moved, you have to be gentle. Place one hand above the injured site and the other hand below to provide support.


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