Danger signs to watch out when a child falls out of bed

There are times when a child accidentally falls out of bed which can be caused by shifting movements while at sleep. It is important to note that falls from beds are usually no more than a few feet and rarely lead to serious injuries. Nevertheless, falls from a height greater than 3 feet can lead to injury.

With this in mind, parents must be well aware of the danger signs to watch out that can indicate a possible serious injury from a fall. By enrolling in a first aid course today, you will learn the appropriate measures to carry out for falls.

Changes in the behavior

Children who sustained a head injury from a fall from a bed can lose consciousness. If the child passes out even for a short time must be assessed by a doctor. You can even call for emergency assistance if the child remains unconscious.

Take note that top bunk beds injuries can be serious. Concussions and skull fractures are likely to occur among children who fall on surfaces that are not carpeted. A child who sustained an internal head injury may feel fine after the incident but can become progressively sleepy or lethargic. The child can complain of an intense headache or cry for a long period if he/she could not verbalize what he/she feels. Take note that any indication of an altered mental status entails proper assessment by a doctor.


There are times when a child accidentally falls out of bed which can be caused by shifting movements while at sleep.

Changes in the vital signs

A child who sustained a head injury after falling out of a bed can become pale or even bluish in color with shallow, irregular breathing. Vomiting can also occur after a fall but if it occurs three or more times, it can indicate a head injury.

Cuts and bruises

When a child falls out of bed, he/she can bleed particularly if he/she fell onto an object on the floor. You have to check if the bleeding can be controlled, easily stops or does not spurt. As for wounds that are gaping, it would require stitches and must be checked by a doctor.

You have to check the child for bruising that indicates an injury that might not be apparent. A large-sized bruise on the temple appears frightening but even large-sized bumps are hardly serious. Make sure that you will watch out for changes in the behavior and apply an ice pack on the lump.

Ocular changes

Children who fall out of bed and sustained an injury can suffer from visual changes. The eyes can cross or roll or move quickly from one side to another. In some cases, one pupil can be dilated. Older children can complain of blurry vision or double vision.

Altered movement

A child who falls out of bed can break a bone. The common fracture involves the clavicle but even the legs and arms can break. Indications of a fracture include limping, pain during movement, swelling and abnormal position of the bone. Always bear in mind that head injuries can lead to loss of coordination in which the child staggers or falls. If a spinal or neck injury is suspected, the child must not be moved and call for emergency assistance.


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