Ear fullness

Ear fullness is a sensation that the ears are clogged, congested or stuffed when swallowing, yawning or other usual measures in eliminating it does not work. There is a muffled or slightly impaired hearing as well.

The fullness in the ear accompanied by cold and flu-like symptoms is usually brought about by a blocked

Ear fullness

Pain or tenderness around the ear or behind the ear.

Eustachian tube. In case fluid builds up, it causes the middle ear to become infected with viruses or bacteria which results to swelling and pain.

What are the other symptoms that occur with ear fullness?

An individual might experience other symptoms surrounding the ear aside from the sensation of fullness, congestion and clogging.

  • Pruritus or itchiness
  • Pain or tenderness around the ear or behind the ear
  • Warmth, redness or swelling
  • Drainage of pus or other secretions from the ear

The other symptoms that might occur with ear fullness include fever, malaise or lethargy and flu-like symptoms.

What are the causes?

It is important to note that ear fullness can be brought about by infection especially if accompanied by common cold and flu-like symptoms. The sensation of fullness is the result of a blocked Eustachian tube that connects the ear to the throat and allows drainage of fluid from the middle ear.

In case the fluid builds up, the middle ear can become infected with viruses or bacteria. Other causes of ear fullness include hay fever and allergies.

Abrupt, dramatic shifts in the air pressure when travelling by plane or scuba diving can lead to fullness in the ear and even rupture of the eardrum.


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