Effects of bleach on the body

It is important to note that bleach is basically a chlorine-based chemical solution that is readily available in grocery stores and offers a number of household uses. On the other hand, exposure to bleach is considered dangerous. Aside from the household varieties that you can easily find, there are various formulations of the potent industrial bleach that has the potential to cause a number of health risks. It is vital to avoid exposure especially the skin or eyes when bleach is being handled. Remember that an exposure can cause severe tissue damage.

What are the effects on the skin?

Once the skin is exposed to the common household bleach, it is not likely to cause immediate effects especially if the bleach has been diluted with water. If the bleach is allowed to stay for an extended period on the skin, it is more likely to cause burning sensation, itchiness and other types of irritation.

The stronger industrial formulations of bleach can cause the similar results, but in a shorter span of time.


f the bleach is allowed to stay for an extended period on the skin, it is more likely to cause burning sensation, itchiness and other types of irritation.

What are the effects on the eyes?

Once bleach enters the eyes, it is considered serious than the skin being exposed. Remember that damage can develop at a quicker rate and the worst-case scenario can be more debilitating.

Irritation and pain can occur right away and comparative to the strength of the bleach. The irritation and damage to the eye tissues can continue until all the bleach has been rinsed away thoroughly. The tenderness and pain can persist for hours after even in cases of mild exposure to bleach. If first aid care was given right away, permanent damage can be prevented. On the other hand, if not treated promptly or the bleach was allowed to linger or the bleach is a strong formulation, serious consequences can occur such as vision damage and even loss of an eye or both.

First aid for bleach exposure

Immediate first aid care is vital to minimize eye and skin damage by bleach. It is recommended to deal with skin exposure by washing the skin using water for 15-20 minutes. In case the clothing was soaked by bleach and seeps to the skin, it should be removed first before rinsing. If there is no irritation, medical care is not needed.

Once bleach enters the eye, you have to hold the eye of the individual open and flush with clean water for 15-20 minutes. If the individual is using contact lenses, stop to remove them after 5 minutes of rinsing. It is vital to seek medical care as quickly as possible after the eye is exposed to bleach. Take note that immediate rinsing is vital but if possible, request someone to call for emergency assistance.


There are ways in order to prevent exposure to bleach. All you have to do is use to proper safety equipment such as rubber gloves and safety goggles once the chemical is being used.


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