Everyone Deserves a Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace

Our daily work assignments can be very consuming and can take up so much

of our time. It’s not surprising we pay so little attention to workplace health. Read on and learn how to keep a safe and healthy office.

How many hours do you spend work? For many regular workers, about 70% of their waking hours are spent in the workplace. Most of us spend more time at work than at home. It makes it very important to ensure a safe and healthy office. But unfortunately, many of us do not realize how these rooms impact our health. Here are a few tips to help keep a happy and healthy work environment.

1.Start with the right chair.

If your work involves sitting all day, be sure to have the right chair. Choose one with a low-back support, adjustable arm rests and height. Your chair should allow you to bend your knees at 90-degree angles to your ankles. Ensure proper body alignment and avoid sitting cross-legged. Keeping proper body alignment prevents back pain and reduces the risk of problems with blood circulation.

2.A headset may just be right for you.

It’s a common practice for people to pin the phone between the ear and shoulder, especially for longer phone calls – but this habit can cause issues with your back and neck. A headset or speakerphone would benefit those whose work involves longer phone calls.

3.Manage common causes of headaches.

There are a lot of possible causes of headaches. Identify them so you can manage them and prevent headaches. Some common headache triggers in the office include strong odors, hunger, poor ventilation or lighting, and poor posture.

4.Keep an upright posture.

Right posture can greatly help keep a safe and healthy office. Tension headaches often arise from a strain on the neck, usually caused by slouching at your desk. By adopting proper chair posture, you can prevent recurrent headaches.

5.Set a relaxing ambiance.

The overall look of the workplace has a direct impact on the employees. Keep the colors light and lively; bring in some vegetation or flowers; have a soothing background music. All of these can help set a calming mood. It does not only keep your mood light but also helps increase efficiency.

6.First aid kit in the office.

Many emergencies can happen at the workplace and it pays to be prepared. Be sure to have a first aid kit ready in your office. It would help if you include a step-by-step guide or manual in your kit, but it is best to learn how to use these emergency supplies. Taking a basic first aid course can contribute in keeping a healthy and safe workplace.


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