Eye Injuries: Caring for Contact Lenses

Eye InjuryThe presence of contact lenses can complicate eye injuries. In some cases, when transport is delayed or help will arrive after a long time, the contact lenses may be removed to prevent possible abrasive damage and drying of the eyes. However, in most cases, the lenses are left in place if removing it can delay the transport of an unconscious victim.

Removing contact lenses is NOT recommended when there is obvious damage or injury to the eye. To do so may only result in additional damage. The decision to remove contact lenses is actually a case-to-case basis, and depends on the nature of the injury. Learn this caring for contact lenses when you attend first aid and CPR courses at Winnipeg.

When you provide care for a conscious person with eye injury, make sure to ask if he or she is wearing a contact lens. Caring for a person with contact lens is not as rare as what you might think. If you need to remove the contact lens, you should:

  • Wash your hands or wear clean gloves.
  • Position one thumb on the lower lid and the other on the upper lid. Keep your thumb close to the margins of the eyelids.
  • Open up the eyelids and look for the contact lens over the cornea. The contact lens slides easily with gentle movement.
  • Move the lens over the cornea (if it is not in this position) and open the each lid widely so that they touch the edges of the lens.
  • Press both eyelids gently but firmly to the globe of the eye. Move the lower eyelid so that it is barely touching the lens.
  • Move the upper eyelid close to the edge of the lens so that both lids are pressing on the globe.
  • Gently press on the lower lid so that it moves beneath the contact lens. This would cause the eyelid to pop out of the eye’s surface.
  • Once the lens has tipped slightly, begin moving the eyelids together until the lens is fully removed.
  • Place the contact lens in a container with clean water or saline solution. Label the container accordingly.

Do not use force in removing the contact lens. If you see the contact lens but cannot remove it, slide into the white portion of the eyes. Contact lens can remain there safely until professional help is available. Enroll now for your CPR Level C courses for you to be prepared anytime and anywhere.

In case of chemical burns affecting the eyes, do not attempt to remove soft contact lenses. Wait for an experience emergency medical technician to remove the contact lens. Usually, these contact lenses can stay in the eye for several hours.

If attempting to remove the contact lens can further cause harm, it is best not to move it rather instruct the victim to close both eyes and cover with clean bandage to prevent movement.

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