First aid for a lump on the head

If an individual gets hits in the head, the initial hour is vital to determine if a lump or injury is dangerous. Whether you are treating a lump in the head, it is essential to act quickly and in a calm manner to figure out the suitable course of action. Even though most head lumps do not need medical care, some can be dangerous and require quick and immediate first aid care. Additionally, it is also important to be fully aware of the warning signs.

Steps when caring for a lump on the head

Lump on the head

Place the individual on his/her back with the head in a straight position and slightly elevated.

You have to take into consideration the following steps if an individual sustained a lump on the head after a fall or sports-related injury.

  • Position the individual lying down right after the head trauma. Place the individual on his/her back with the head in a straight position and slightly elevated. You have to turn off all the lights in the room to relax and calm the individual.
  • Control the bleeding by placing a piece of cloth or gauze over the head wound and firmly press until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding could not be controlled, call for emergency assistance right away.
  • Observe for danger signs since a lump on the head is considered dangerous if bleeding within and intracranial hematoma develops. In case the individual experiences a headache that persists or worsens after an hour, vomiting, difficulty maintaining balance, dizziness, drastic mood changes and unconsciousness, call for emergency assistance since these indicate serious head trauma.
  • Minimize the swelling of the head injury. A head lump develops once the tissue surrounding the scalp becomes swollen. Even though a lump in the head can appear serious, if it is not accompanied by the warning signs, it is not likely dangerous. You have to continue monitoring the lump over the next few days while applying a frozen washcloth over it for 15 minutes every hour to minimize the swelling.
  • Consult a doctor or take the individual directly to the emergency department at the nearest hospital if he/she experiences confusion, severe bleeding, unconsciousness or any of the warning signs over the next few days. The medical treatment typically includes prescription medications such as codeine for pain.

Important considerations when treating head lumps

It is important to ask the individual his address and other familiar questions that he/she can answer. Take note that confusion and memory loss can indicate a severe head trauma that requires immediate first aid care and treatment.

In case the head trauma is accompanied by bleeding that could not be controlled, take the individual directly to the emergency department.

Preventing head injuries is possible at home by securing stairways with gates or keeping the hallways free from clutter. It is also best to hide wires or anything that can make individuals, especially the elderly from falling.


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