How to manage a partially torn ligament

The ligament is best described as a dense fibrous bundle of tissue which is responsible for connecting bones to one another. These ligaments offer solidity to joints for allowing smooth and proper movement. A partly torn ligament is popularly called as a sprain.

The common reason why a partially torn ligament occurs is a direct blow that knocks a joint out of its normal position or a fall. The timely delivery of first aid measures that aims to minimize the pain and swelling can greatly help in promotion faster recovery. If you will register in a first aid course, you will learn the basics on how to handle sprains and other related injuries.

Allow the individual to rest

Partially torn ligament

The common reason why a partially torn ligament occurs is a direct blow that knocks a joint out of its normal position or a fall.diminished range of motion and swelling behind the knee and calf.

An individual with a partially torn ligament must be instructed to rest the affected joint. By resting the joint, it will prevent further injury while allowing the healing process to start. Nevertheless, the individual must also start performing light exercises using the affected limb as soon as he/she can tolerate it.

If the individual has a partially torn ligament in the ankle, he/she must gradually start weight bearing activities or walking using the affected ankle. In doing so, this will prevent the ankle from becoming rigid and feeble over time. If needed, the individual can consult a doctor if physical therapy is required. By working with a physical therapist, the individual will perform certain exercises that will increase the flexibility and strength of the affected joint.

Using ice on a partially torn ligament

Throughout the years, the application of ice is considered as an effective mode of treatment when treating a partially torn ligament right after injury. The best way to make ice effective is to apply it on the partly torn ligament for 10-15 minutes at four times in a day for the first two days.

Once the ice is applied, the individual must elevate the affected ligament higher than the level of the heart to minimize the swelling. Do not apply ice directly on the skin to prevent frostbite from developing. An alternative is to apply an ice pack or frozen vegetables wrapped in a clean cloth or towel. Always remember that heat must not be applied to a torn ligament since it can intensify the swelling that will only disrupt the healing process.

Administration of medications

Over-the-counter medications are also effective in treatment a partially torn ligament. The doctor will likely recommend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help improve the symptoms. This medication works by reducing the chemical signals connected to pain and inflammation.

The individual can take the medication before an exercise routine to minimize the pain and inflammation. The medication must be taken as directed to prevent the occurrence of serious side effects. In case the symptoms do not seem to improve after 2-3 days, it is best to consult a doctor as soon as possible.


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