How to manage steam burns

Always remember that steam is silent but is considered dangerous. When preparing food in the kitchen, the steam coming out of the pot can cause burns if you are not careful. It is important to be familiar with the basic first aid measures so that you know how to handle steam burns. You never know when injuries due to steam can occur but at least you are prepared to deal with one.

Analyzing the severity of the steam burn

Take note that first aid measures are no longer helpful if the steam burn sustained by an individual is severe since this would require immediate emergency care. In case the burn is blistered, large in size or has open skin, it must be treated as a major burn and seek medical care right away. Even though evidence of a severe burn is apparent, other injuries such as respiratory damage due to inhalation would require timely medical care from the professionals.

First aid for minor steam burns

Steam burn

You have to flush the mild burn with cold water or soak the affected hand or foot in cool water.

Initially, you have to flush the mild burn with cold water or soak the affected hand or foot in cool water. In case the affected area is large or there is a possibility that it is severe, do not run the affected area under cold water since this will cause the body to go into shock.

When it comes to mild cases or first degree burns, you can wrap the burned area using a sterile gauze or dressing and utilize over-the-counter gels or lotions specifically for burns. Avoid covering severe burns using butter, lotions, creams or any household remedies.

Cover the affected area using light and non-adhesive gauze. For mild cases, you have to apply an antibiotic ointment before the area is covered. For severe cases, make sure that the gauze or cloth will not stick to the burned area.

If there are blisters from the burn, they must not be popped open. Always bear in mind that if blisters are popped open during the healing process, it will delay full recovery. Infection will likely develop. Make it a point to keep the affected area properly cleaned and change the dressings several times in a day.

Important considerations to bear in mind when dealing with steam burns

There are ways to bear in mind in order to avoid getting a steam burn. Initially, when working in the kitchen, you can look for oven mitts that you have to use when handling pots that are filled with steam. Do not forget to always lift the lid at an angle away from the arm or body when cooking.

If the signs of infection are present, do not allow it to get worse. Simply bring the individual to the emergency department at the nearest hospital or consult a doctor right away. If the infection is not treated, it will delay the healing process.


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