How to manage sunburn blistering among children

Once a child suffers from blisters caused by sunburn, it can cause discomfort. It is important to note that children can sustain several sunburns throughout their lifetime before they reach 18 years old.  Always bear in mind that children have tender skin and they do not usually take the appropriate precautions such as getting out of the sun if they feel burned, staying in the shade or applying sunscreen during outdoors or after exercise or swimming.

Occurrence of blistering

Children just like the adults have varying levels of melanin or the protective pigmentation in the skin. There are some children who can stay under the sun for long hours without getting a burn while those who have fair skin can only tolerate a few minutes under the sun.

Sunburn is basically the reaction of the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Take note that these rays can cause damage on the skin which triggers the blood to rush to the skin, resulting to the red appearance of sunburn. As for blistering, it indicates that the sunburn is severe.


Sunburn is basically the reaction of the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

What are the effects of sunburn?

The effects of sunburn and excessive exposure to the sun among children can be serious. Always bear in mind that blistering sunburns can make the skin susceptible to infection in case the blisters break prematurely. The child can also experience severe pain if he/she goes outside or close to a source of heat. Aside from the temporary effects of sunburn, childhood sunburns can also lead to skin cancer as an adult.

Treatment of sunburn

There are several effective treatment options for sunburn. Initially, you can apply aloe to keep the skin properly hydrated and minimize the peeling. In case the child is old enough to take a pain reliever, you should provide the right dose. If you want to learn more about sunburn, click here.

As for blisters, you have to wrap the affected area using gauze to prevent them from breaking or becoming infected. In case the child attempts to peel the skin from the sunburn, cover the area using gauze so that he/she could not do so. If possible, consult a doctor regarding preventive measures as well as treatment options for sunburn on the next visit.

Prevention of sunburn

Children regardless of their skin tone or color should use a sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. For children who have fair skin, it is best to use sunscreen with higher SPF up to 100.

A sunscreen that will be used should be suitable for the activity being engaged in. A waterproof sunscreen is best if the child will go on swimming. It must be reapplied every two hours. Additionally, going out when the sun is at its peak must be avoided. This is between 10am and 4pm and staying in the shade is advised.


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