How to prevent surgical incisions from scarring

It is a known fact that scars naturally form once the body attempts to close a wound by producing collagen which is a protein. Even though the skin naturally contains collagen, scars typically produce a thicker form that can evidently protrude above the level of the skin and some are even prominent especially in areas of the body that are exposed.

Surgical incisions can cause minimal scarring in most cases but there are ways in order to minimize them by taking care of the skin properly as soon as after the operation. This is vital that you know how to provide proper wound care. This is possible by enrolling in a first aid class today in Winnipeg.

Steps in preventing scarring

Surgical incisions

Wrap the new skin tissue in order to avoid exposure to the sun for about six months after the surgery.

  • The first step is to apply an antibiotic ointment over the site of the surgical incision. These ointments work by keeping the incision properly hydrated while at the same time reducing the population of bacteria within it. An antibiotic ointment is highly beneficial when a wound is not yet fully healed within the first two days of surgery.
  • Apply a silicone gel. You can acquire this over-the-counter or request a prescription from a doctor. Take note that silicon gel can help reduce the itchiness, swelling and even reduce the size of the scar. Even though silicon gel and gel sheet varieties are considered to help lock in moisture to soften the tissue and reduce the build-up of collagen, it is not yet determined whether these products can prevent or minimize scarring.
  • Wrap the new skin tissue in order to avoid exposure to the sun for about six months after the surgery. If the healing scar is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, it can darken. Take note that the scar will become apparent if it is not covered with tape, clothing or sunscreen every time the individual goes outdoors.
  • The individual must be encouraged to move carefully in order to improve the healing process. Activities such as straining, lifting and sports can pull apart the scar. The doctor will provide the individual with a list of physical activities that should be avoided during the healing period of the surgical incision.
  • The individual should use mittens if necessary in order to avoid picking on the scabs. Always bear in mind that picking on the wounds will tear up the collagen. This will also allow the entry of germs into the wound and disrupt the healing process.
  • The wound must be massaged at least four times in a day for five minutes once the new skin has developed. This will help break down the thick bonds of collagen and minimize the appearance of scars. For an added benefit, you can massage using an ointment or lotion that contains onion extract since this is believed to help inhibit the formation of collagen.


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