Important first aid considerations for babysitters

It is a known fact that babysitters will take on a lot of responsibility and parents depend on them to do the right thing in case of emergencies. In some cases, a medical emergency would require action on part of the babysitter while waiting for the medical team to arrive. Even simple issues at home can be dealt with effectively by a babysitter who has enrolled in a first aid course.

How to make the right decisions

The FIND method of reacting to a crisis is very useful for babysitters. By following this method, it can help out a babysitter make out the right decisions during critical moments. The “F” stands for “figuring out” the problem, “I” stands for “identifying” any possible remedies to provide, “N” stands for “naming the pros and cons” to the remedies being considered and “D” stands for “decision” on which the babysitter has to plan out what to implement. As long as the babysitter is rational and organized when approaching a crisis situation, she is capable of making a good decision.

Common first aid situation



The initial reaction for any burn is to run cold water over the burned area for at least 10 minutes.

The most common first aid scenarios that babysitters can face are burns. The initial reaction for any burn is to run cold water over the burned area for at least 10 minutes. In case the burned area is bigger than a tennis ball, it is best to call for emergency assistance. The babysitter should call the parents first and ask if an ambulance should be requested.

In case the clothing fused into the burn area, it should be left as it is. Take note that burnt clothing is considered sterile and removing it from the burned area can cause a lot of pain. The doctor should be the one to remove it. Avoid covering the burn with an adhesive bandage and avoid touching the blisters that might form.


Falls are likely to occur if stairs are not properly barricaded with safety doors. It is also important to closely watch children especially the young ones when they use the stairs or climb up on chairs or tables.

Preventive measures

There are certain steps that babysitters should take into consideration in order to prevent accidents from occurring once parents are not around.

  • Always keep sharp objects away from children and discourage any abrupt loud noises that can startle the children.
  • Try to discourage excessive running around the house and do not permit the children to run or walk while holding plates, utensils or cups in their hands.
  • Discourage the children especially the younger ones from playing with toys that are for older children and do not allow them to throw objects at one another while playing.

Babysitters must be familiar on how to provide the appropriate first aid measures during emergencies. For parents, it is important to hire a babysitter that already took up a course on first aid. You never know when emergencies at home will occur, especially among children.


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