Indications of a fractured shoulder

A fractured shoulder can occur among those who engage in sports or while in the workplace. It is important to note that this type of injury usually tends to occur among individuals who endured substantial trauma to the shoulder region during a fall or vehicular accident. The indications of a fractured shoulder tend to vary depending on the precise location as well as the severity of the trauma sustained by the individual. When it comes to fractures, it is best that you are prepared to provide appropriate care by enrolling in a first aid class today.


The initial symptom that is linked with a fractured shoulder is pain. Always bear in mind that high-impact trauma can cause the bones in the shoulder to break which can lead to the perceivable cracking sound. Once this occurs, the damaged bone can also injure the tissues and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. It is best to have the condition assessed by the doctor.

Fractured shoulder

The initial symptom that is linked with a fractured shoulder is pain.

In cases involving severe inflammation of the shoulder joint, it can lead to sensation of moderate to severe pain around the shoulder. These sore sensations usually occur right after an injury and can radiate down the arm or into the back. The pain in the shoulder due to a fractured shoulder is temporary and tends to subside as the injury starts to heal. In most cases, the doctor will prescribe the individual with an anti-inflammatory medication to help manage the pain while the injury heals.


The individual will also experience significant swelling of the shoulder right after a traumatic injury. The fractured shoulder will appear enlarged or puffy and can be tender to the touch. The surrounding skin on the shoulder joint will appear bruised or discolored due to the damage on the blood vessels. Once the fractured shoulder starts to heal, the surrounding skin stays discolored until the wound has fully healed. The damaged sustained on the shoulder must be allowed to rest to allow the swelling to steadily subside.

Deformity of the shoulder

In case the shoulder is damaged due to injury or trauma, it can appear unusually disfigured or drooped. The arm that is connected to the injured shoulder will hang lower than normal, providing the individual with an awkward appearance. Once the damaged shoulder bones are set back into place, the shoulder will start to heal. As the shoulder heals, the indications of shoulder deformity usually resolve completely.

Limited shoulder movement

An individual who sustained a fractured shoulder will experience difficulty moving the affected shoulder normally. The individual could not move the broken shoulder voluntarily anymore. The involuntary movement of the shoulder can cause intense pain and can be accompanied by unusual grinding sensation. The normal movement of the shoulder is usually restored once the fractured shoulder heals completely.


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