Is there a connection between cardiac arrest and low potassium?

Cardiac arrest develops once the heart muscle abruptly stops pumping. This results to death if there is a delay or error in performing the steps in reviving the individual. Always remember that that the body requires proper nutrition so that the heart muscle can function properly. A diet that is rich in fat, cholesterol and salt can contribute to heart disease which can cause cardiac arrest. If the diet is low in vital minerals and vitamins, it can also cause issues as well. This includes low potassium levels in the body which can prevent the heart muscle from functioning properly.

The heart beats once it receives electrical signals from the nervous system that allows it to contract. These electrical signals dictate the heart how fast and hard to pump. Once there is a disruption in the electrical system for any reason, the heart will develop an arrhythmia or erratic rhythm. Once cardiac arrest occurs, the arrhythmia will cause the heart to stop beating.

What are the causes of cardiac arrest?

Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest develops once the heart muscle abruptly stops pumping.

Low potassium or hypokalemia has various causes. It is recommended that those who are at high risk should watch out for symptoms such as irregular pulse rate, cramping, muscle weakness, limpness, leg discomfort, difficulty breathing, extreme thirst, confusion and frequent urination. The low potassium level can develop alongside various chronic diseases, as a side effect of medications or due to constant diarrhea or vomiting. Individuals who suffer from eating disorders or a diet that is poor in potassium also face the risk for low potassium.

What is the solution?

If the individual suffers from the symptoms of cardiac arrest which includes loss of consciousness, loss of pulse, cessation of breathing, seek emergency assistance. Always bear in mind that shock should be delivered to the heart within 1-2 minutes by a healthcare professional or an individual trained in CPR and defibrillation. The chances of survival of the individual will drop every minute that passes unless execution of defibrillation. It is important to register for first aid training today so that you can properly perform CPR in order to help save a life during emergencies.

Prevention and solution

The individual should take the necessary steps to prevent cardiac arrest if possible. This includes regular exercise as well as stop smoking, proper management of stress and maintaining a diet low in salt, fat and cholesterol. The diet must include various foods which include fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

Those who are 10 years and older require 2,000 mg of potassium on a daily basis. Potassium is present in fruits, vegetables and milk. In case a deficiency is likely, the doctor perform tests and recommend supplements if necessary. This is vital since too much potassium can also cause health issues, thus supplements must be taken under medical supervision.



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