Planning Ahead Will Reduce Risks And Accidents.

Winnipeg First Aid offers CPR courses and training that emphasizes planning ahead will reduce risks and accidents. One of the most important tool in any workplace is your gloves (other than your mind of course). It is important to throw away any of your gloves that may have been discolored, torn or punctured as they will no longer be able to protect your hands with adequate protection. In regards to disposal gloves, you should throw them away after a single use as their composition does not intend for extended periods of time. If you happen to be wearing gloves that were contaminated in any form, be sure not to touch items that other individuals may come in contact later such as pens, combs, whistlers, phones or radios. In order to properly remove gloves, peel them off from the wrist and turn them inside out as they roll down your hand. This will minimize your exposure to the exposed side. In order to remove the second glove, grasp it on the inside of the wrist, peel it back from the inside and be mindful not to expose yourself to the outside surface. Be sure to throw them away properly to minimize cross contamination.

Many organizations have an exposure control plan as this is a formal document that outlines what precautions and procedures need to be performed should someone be infected by a disease. This document should outline how to recognize if someone is exposed, what training, vaccination and protective equipment is required as well as protocols of monitoring, reporting and evaluating. It is important to know your personal precautions and risks in addition to equipment and environmental factors. It is important to note what to do before, during and after a protocol. You should identify if special equipment or supplies will be needed and if you need to train and discuss new procedures to minimize any dangers. If your establishment requires additional training or CPR courses in regards to reducing risk, please feel free to contact Winnipeg First Aid and we will be happy to assist you.