Possible effects of a broken wrist

Always bear in mind that a broken wrist is a medical condition that develops when one of the bones inside the wrist endured severe damage or injury which results to a fracture. The usual causes of a fractured wrist typically include sports injuries, vehicular accidents or bone diseases particularly osteoporosis. In case the individual experiences any of the effects after sustaining a broken wrist, it is best to seek proper medical care for further assessment and treatment of the injury.

Once you suspect that an individual has a broken wrist, the individual should not hesitate to have the injury assessed by a doctor.

Usual effects of a broken wrist


The usual effect after a broken wrist is abrupt and intense wrist pain. The pain can spread into the hand or up to the forearm or elbow. If the individual tries to move the affected wrist normally, the sensation of pain will increase in intensity. In case proper treatment is not provided, the pain can last or become severe over time. If you want to learn more about the management of this injury, click here.

Broken wrist

The usual effect after a broken wrist is sustained is abrupt and intense wrist pain.


An injury involving the wrist can cause damage to the tissues that surround the location of the broken wrist. Damage to the tissues can lead to severe inflammation and irritation of the wrist. Take note that the inflammation can cause the wrist to swell or even enlarge. The swelling is usually on the wrist but can also lead to the enlargement of the hand. The swollen area is usually tender or uncomfortable once touched.


Always bear in mind that bruising is also an effect of a fractured wrist. Once the is damage to the bone within the wrist, it causes damage to the surrounding blood vessels. Damage on the blood vessels can cause the blood to accumulate under the skin surface which causes the strange skin staining or bleeding. The bruised skin can appear as blue, dark red or purple in color and can be tender to the touch. Even though the bruising is temporary, it can last for several weeks after the initial fracture.

Visible deformity

A broken wrist can affect the normal alignment of the wrist bones. The misalignment of the wrist bone can lead to the abnormally deformed or bent appearance. The visual deformity of the wrist is usually linked with piercing wrist pain and diminished mobility.

Diminished mobility

Those who sustain a broken wrist will experience difficulty when moving or rotating the affected wrist ordinarily. This can be difficult for the individual to pick up or grasp items due to the diminished mobility of the injured wrist. The treatment usually involves setting or repairing the broken wrist. In most cases, the normal mobility of the wrist is restored once the damaged bone completely heals.






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