Pott’s fracture

Pott’s fracture involves damage to the bony regions of the ankle specifically the malleoli. The fractures can occur on the lateral malleoli on the exterior or medial malleoli on the interior side.

Close look on Pott’s fracture

Initially, palpation of the malleolus and neighboring area might indicate that a fracture may or may not be present. Evident tenderness on the bone might indicate a fracture whereas if the region forward or beneath the bone is more tender, it might indicate a ligament sprain.

An X-ray is the only way to determine if a Pott’s fracture is present. If an X-ray is taken early, it might not clearly reveal this due to the swelling and bleeding in the area. In case a fracture is likely, another X-ray is taken once the swelling has settled.

What are the indications?

This type of fracture develops in the same manner as an ankle sprain. Due to this, it is often difficult to distinguish between a fracture and ankle sprain in the initial phases of the injury.

The symptoms usually include abrupt intense pain. The individual might not be able to place any weight on the leg as well as tenderness at the site of the fracture. Additionally, there is evident swelling and bruising.


Depending on the severity of the injury, surgical intervention is needed to fix the internal ankle bones that might be displaced. Spiral fractures involving the lateral and posterior malleolus do not necessitate fixation and managed with surgery utilizing crutches and mobilization exercises.

The minor to moderate fractures might be treated using an ankle brace or even a walking boot. A rehabilitation program involving strengthening of the ankle must be started and should also include proprioception training.

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