Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack: Men versus Women

First Aid Winnipeg offers training, lessons and courses for CPR/AED that help identify signs and symptoms of heart attack. After the age of 35 men are at greater risk of a heart attack while women see an increase of risk after menopause. Some people may  not experience any chest pain contrary to popular belief. Women, diabetics and elderly people will experience soft signs. Men may experience squeezing chest pain which may spread to shoulders, neck, jaw or one/both arms. Men may also experience problems in regards to breathing. The individual may have a pulse that is irregular and may be characterized as fast or slow (This is learned in CPR HCP). Men have been known to experience a lot of sweating, blush lips and pale skin when they experienced a heart attack. Women on the other hand may have mild and focussed chest discomfort that is not constant and does not feel like pain. It may worsen as a result of activity and relaxes from rest. Women may experience pain mildly at first and gets continually stronger. Pain may be centered around the abdominal and back area and may experience tiredness, gastric discomfort and flu-like symptoms. In general, the pain one may experience from a heart attack is constant and is usually not relieved as a result of resting, changing positions or taking medication. One may experience pain longer than 10 minutes. Any additional activity may increase pain as it will also increase the heart’s requirement for oxygen. Additional symptoms of a heart attack may include looking/feeling ill, nausea/vomiting. The individual may also experience signs of shock. It is important to note that if the person does experience any of these symptoms and fit into the bracket of a person at risk, it is best to call EMS and have professionals evaluate the situation. CPR courses offered by First Aid Winnipeg give its students the workplace approved training required by most professions whether it be babysitting, life guards, health care providers (nurses) or other professionals.