Swimming Pool Safety

Having a backyard pool can be a lot fun. But the problem is that it can also pose safety risks for your family. It is important to ensure that you follow pool safety tips to prevent unwanted emergencies.Pool Safety

A lot of people dream of having a backyard swimming pool. Swimming pools are great for recreation, physical exercise and entertainment. You can have pool parties around your backyard pool or just splurge around while enjoying the sun. But aside from its fun side, pool owners should also consider the possible risks associated with it. Drowning and near-drowning accidents can occur when there is backyard pool. As property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure pool safety.

Here are some helpful pool safety tips that you need to know.

1.Install proper pool fences

The fence should have safety locks so that no one can use it when you are not around. The fence also prevents toddlers from going into the pool unsupervised.  It is not enough to install a fence. Be sure to regularly check the fencing for wear or breaks. The safety locks should be working well too.

2.Invest on alarms

It is recommended that you add alarms to the gate of your pool fence. If someone attempts to breach the gates, you can only quickly. The alarms should work well.

3.Learn water safety skills

Water safety first aid is essential for homeowners with swimming pools. CPR and rescue breathing are life saving skills that can be used in case of water accidents. Someone should know what to do in case of drowning accident.

4.Safe storage of chemicals

Part of pool safety is the proper storage of water chemicals. The chemicals used to clean swimming pool water can be very hazardous when taken in excessive amounts. Make sure that they are locked in proper storage.

5.Emergency information ready

List down emergency phone numbers and post it near the swimming pool. It should be available in case emergency medical help is needed. Make sure that the information is current.

6.Safety and first aid equipment on standby

There should be life rings at the side of the pool. They should be easily accessible and in good condition. First aid kit should be well-stocked at all times. It should have basic medical supplies that you will need when responding in emergencies.

7.Pool area safety

Make sure the surfaces do not have chips or are worn out to prevent cuts or wounds. The pool drains should also be in good working condition with compliant drain covers. Preventive maintenance should be regularly done to ensure the surface and drains are fit.

By knowing and following this swimming pool safety tips, you can have a peace of mind. You can enjoy more your swimming pool when there are no worries at the back of your head.


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