Symptoms of arm nerve damage

The nerve that is involved in arm nerve damage is the radial nerve. Take note that this nerve is situated along the length of the arm. The exact cause of damage to the nerve can occur due to various reasons but the most common is overuse or a pinched nerve. On the other hand, this is becoming quite common nowadays. Luckily, with the help of early first aid measures and medical treatment, it can help prevent complications from occurring.

The radial nerve provides movement and sensation throughout the arm, but is also supplies functions to the entire hand and wrist. In some cases, individuals can complain of pain and numbness in the wrist or hands. Take note that this is the start of further complications if not treated properly.

Causes of arm nerve damage

Arm nerve damage

If an individual complains of pain in the wrist, hands or arms, it can be due to damage on the nerve.

One of the reasons why the nerve in the arm is damaged might be due to trauma to the location of the nerve. Another reason is prolonged pressure over the nerve and it can be caused by swelling or injury of the bone or muscle. Take note that the radial nerves passes through a narrow structure, thus it can become easily blocked if pressure is placed on it.

If an individual complains of pain in the wrist, hands or arms, it can be due to damage on the nerve. Nevertheless, other symptoms such as tingling can manifest before the numbness occur. Additionally, there is even difficulty extending the arm, wrist or elbow. There are various ways to confirm if the symptoms are due to nerve damage such as EMG, nerve conduction tests and nerve biopsy.

Preventive measures

The symptoms of arm nerve damage can be painful. There are various ways to manage the pain. One of the first aid measures is to provide over-the-counter medications such as analgesic but even prescription medications are also given. In some cases, prednisone can be used to minimize the swelling.

Treatment for arm nerve damage

The recommended treatment plans for arm nerve damage includes physical therapy in order to maintain the strength of the muscles. Brace or splints can also be used to alleviate the pain as well as increase the use of the arm or hand.

In some cases, the individual might consider changing jobs. Finding a job that is conducive to the condition of the individual might not always be possible but if available, has proven to be very helpful.

Important consideration to bear in mind

Diagnosing and treating arm nerve damage is vital. Some of the possible complications can develop if the symptoms are simply ignored. The complications such as the loss of sensation in the hand is possible as well as the deformity of hand. With this is mind, it is important to provide appropriate first aid care and treatment early before the symptoms worsen.


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