The truth about bruised ribs

It is important to note that bruised ribs are difficult to manage since there are limited measures that you can do in order to hasten the healing process. There are various types of activities and injuries that can result to bruised ribs. An individual who is suspected with bruised ribs must consult a doctor right away to prevent further damage or pain while they heal.

Function of the ribs

The ribs are best described as the bones in your body that help protect vital organs such as the lungs and the heart. There are 24 ribs that form the rib cage. Any injuries to the ribs can cause a lot of pain since they move every time the individual breathes.

Once the ribs are subjected to trauma such as a direct blow from a hard object, the muscles surrounding the ribs will end up bruised. In reality, the actual part that has been injured is the muscles that surround the ribs, not the bones. Take note that the bruising sustained can cause a lot of pain and can drastically affect the level of physical activity that the individual can engage in as well as long-term respiratory habits.

How to identify a bruised rib

Once the ribs are injured, it is quite easy to identify. The question is whether they are broken, cracked or bruised. The doctor would require an X-ray to help determine this or perform palpation to determine if there is a fracture or none. Always remember that bruised ribs are characterized for severe pain every time the individual breathes since the ribs move while breathing. As a result, the bruised ribs will hurt continuously and the individual finds it difficult to breathe. Additionally, there is also visible bruising in the rib cage where the trauma was sustained.

Bruised ribs

Once the ribs are subjected to trauma such as a direct blow from a hard object, the muscles surrounding the ribs will end up bruised.

The doctor will also listen to the lungs to ensure that there is no damage on the lungs. The spleen and liver are also checked for any damage since these organs are also protected by the rib cage.

Can bruised ribs be prevented?

The moment the ribs are bruised, there is no available measure that can help promote faster healing. The doctor might prescribe medications for pain. The individual must be encouraged to breathe regularly even though it causes pain since shallow breaths will eventually become a habit during the healing process. Understandably, this can lead to serious respiratory issues and even pneumonia over time.

Once an injury to the ribs is sustained, it is evident due to the pain. The individual must consult a doctor right away or seek emergency care as soon as possible to determine if the ribs are only bruised or actually broken. Whether the ribs were bruised or broken, it would take from 3-6 weeks to heal.

Important warning to bear in mind

If you suspect that an individual has injury to the ribs, it must be examined by a doctor. Always remember that cracked or broken ribs can seriously injure the heart or lungs if not taken care of properly. If the individual engages in strenuous exercises, it will not only delay the healing process but also result to the misalignment of the ribs which is a permanent health issue that could not be repaired.


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