Tips in preventing pollen allergy

If an individual is highly allergic to pollen, it is vital to take proper measures in order to avoid exposure to the allergen as much as possible in order the prevent symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing episodes.

Staying indoors

Always bear in mind that the pollen count is highest from 5-10AM. It is vital to stay indoors as much as possible during this period.

The individual can go outdoors as little as possible, but the suitable time to go out is in the late afternoon or after a heavy rain. Remember that the undesirable days to go outside are during dry or windy weather since the pollen count is usually higher.

Close windows and utilize HEPA filters

  • If possible, keep all windows and doors closed in order to keep pollen outside the house, particularly during the peak pollen season.
  • Utilize an air conditioning unit instead of opening up the house.
  • It is recommended to utilize HEPA filters inside the house. You have the option to purchase standalone HEPA air purifier or simply use an air condition which is HEPA filtered.
  • The bedroom should have a HEPA filter or in rooms where the individuals spends most of the time.
  • The house should be vacuumed regularly with a HEPA filtered vacuum. These HEPA vacuums work by filtering out pollen so that they are not blown out the exhaust of the vacuum and back into the air.

Regular washing

It is important to note that pets collect pollen on their fur, thus they should be washed on a regular basis especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. More importantly, keep pets outside of the bedroom.

Remember that pollen sticks to the body, thus it is recommended to shower particularly after spending time outdoors. The hair should be washed on a daily basis since it can collect a lot of pollen that can gather on the pillows.

Pollen allergy

Take note that pollen gathers on your clothes when outdoors, thus it is vital to change clothing once the individual arrives home.

After being outside, it is advised to rinse the nose using a saline spray.

Pollen on clothes

  • Take note that pollen gathers on your clothes when outdoors, thus it is vital to change clothing once the individual arrives home.
  • Pollen gathers on clothes if they are hung outside, thus it is vital to dry them inside using a clothes dryer instead.

Pollen while outdoors

If the individual is outdoors, it is recommended to wear sunglasses in order to prevent pollen from entering the eyes.

While driving, always keep the windows of the vehicle up and utilize the air conditioning system instead. If the individual is planning to go on vacation, it is best to select a place that has a reduced pollen count such as the seashore or beach.

How to maintain your garden/yard

It is recommended to mow the grass short often so that less pollen is produced. Always wear a mask when mowing the lawn or request someone else to mow the grass for you since it stirs up the pollen.

Raking the leaves also stirs up pollen so try to avoid this activity during the pollen season. Any weeds should be pulled up early before they start to produce pollen and eliminate any allergenic plants around the yard.

If the individual wants to plant trees or other plants, select those that do not produce a lot of pollen such as dogwood, crape myrtle, palm trees, redbud trees, pear trees and redwood trees.


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