Treatment for chronic tailbone pain

When it comes to chronic tailbone pain or coccydinia, it is a condition that affects many adults all over the globe. There are various factors that can cause tailbone pain including bruises, fractures, bone disorders and developmental problems. On the other hand, if the individual experiences chronic tailbone pain, it can last for several weeks, months or even years. There are various ways to cope with the discomfort and eventually put a stop to the pain.

Management of chronic tailbone pain

With the help of these measures, it can help relieve chronic tailbone pain. If the individual has any doubts, it is best to consult a doctor so that the appropriate first aid measures and treatment can be recommended.

Use a doughnut-shaped cushion or pillow

Individuals who suffered from chronic tailbone pain could not sit for extended periods. Since most activities involves sitting, those with the condition should invest in a special cushion or pillow. There are coccyx pillows in the market that are specifically designed for tailbone pain. It is important to note that these cushions or pillows feature an opening that helps relieve the pressure off the tailbone.

Anti-inflammatory medications

Chronic tailbone pain

The individual must observe good posture and stay on his/her feet. Always remember that tailbone pain can be cured.

In most cases, once inflammation occurs, it can cause chronic tailbone pain. By administering over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, it can help relieve the discomfort. If these medications do not provide relief, it is best to consult a doctor so that anti-inflammatory medications can be prescribed.

If the tailbone pain does not respond to medications, the individual must schedule an appointment with a doctor. The doctor will request for an X-ray or an MRI which will take an image of the coccyx bone so that it will help determine the underlying cause of the pain.

Steroid injection

Oftentimes, chronic tailbone pain does not have a specific cause. It can be caused by poor posture or extended sitting. In whichever case, the disorder typically necessitates a stronger form of medication. If needed, the doctor can administer a steroid into the tailbone. This will help treat the inflammation as well as the pain. Heat therapy is also recommended for chronic pain.

Proper posture

The individual must observe good posture and stay on his/her feet. Always remember that tailbone pain can be cured. On the other hand, it can take up to 2 years for an injured tailbone to fully heal. During the healing process, you have to pay close attention to the posture. The individual must sit with the back straight and lean forward. This position will help relieve the pressure off the tailbone and hasten the healing process. Additionally, the individual must avoid long trips or any activity that requires prolonged sitting for long hours.

If chronic tailbone pain is not treated right away, it can be debilitating for the individual since the pain has the tendency to persist even up to months or years.


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