Treatment for hand numbness

Hand numbness typically means the loss of sensation in the area. The symptoms can include a burning or tingling sensation, weakness or sharp pain. Take note that hand numbness is typically due to the pressure placed on the nerves or blood vessels leading from the arm, wrist or fingers.

Oftentimes, this condition is linked to carpal tunnel syndrome in which additional pressure is applied on the central nerve that extends from the carpal tunnel region. In some cases, hand numbness is also associated with diabetes, stroke, multiple sclerosis or simply poor circulation. Before dealing with hand numbness, it is vital that the cause is determined. There are some simple treatment options that can be used to prevent and help heal the condition.

Measures to manage hand numbness

Hand numbness

Apply an ice pack on the hands and wrist at least two times in a day.

  • An anti-inflammatory medication can be given to minimize the pressure on the nerves. Some of these medications can facilitate healing of the nerve damage such as magnesium phosphate while helping with the nourishment of the nerves as well as balancing out the nervous system. Just make sure that the dosage directions are carefully followed. In some cases, turmeric can be added to foods during cooking.
  • The wrist should be placed under a splint to keep the hand in one position. This helps relieve the pressure off the nerves and highly effective if carpal tunnel syndrome is suspected. If this is the case, make sure that the desk, computer, keyboard and mouse are at the proper height and distance to minimize strain on the arms, back, wrists, fingers and hands. It is recommended to utilize an ergonomic keyboard and mouse if possible. In addition, it is vital to take frequent breaks while working on a computer to allow the hands to rest.
  • Apply an ice pack on the hands and wrist at least two times in a day. During intervals, the individual should exercise the wrists, arms and hands by performing curls and stretching.
  • If possible, the individual should avoid engaging in activities that can irritate the present symptoms. It is vital to rest the hands for at least 2 weeks from any activities that involves repetitive movements that trigger pain.

In case any of these treatment options do not seem to alleviate the pain, it is best to schedule an appointment with a local acupuncturist for proper treatment. Another option is to set an appointment with a physical therapist so that he/she can recommend the suitable exercises to strengthen the area while creating less pressure on the nerves. The last resort is no other than a steroid injection or even surgery if advised by the doctor.

Always bear in mind that alcohol should be avoided since these activities minimize the flow of blood to the extremities and can further worsen the problem.


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