Upper left hip pain: What are the causes?

Various conditions can trigger upper left hip pain. The hip pain can be felt in one or both hips depending on the exact cause of the pain as well as the tissues involved. Finding out the precise source of pain can be hard since hip-related pain might be felt in the joint, center of the thigh or the groin. The hip pain can also be triggered by an issue in the pelvis or back which further complicates the diagnosis.

Hip bursitis

Hip bursitis can trigger pain in the upper left hip area. This condition causes sore swelling and inflammation of the bursa which is a sac filled with fluid in between the ligament or tendon and bone the helps minimize friction between these structures during movement.

There are different forms of hip bursitis that are named based on their location. The commonly affected is the trochanteric bursa which is positioned on the exterior aspect of the upper hip. This bursa can be damaged by direct injury or substantial friction due to repetitive movement. The indications linked with hip bursitis include the following:

Hip pain

Hip bursitis can trigger pain in the upper left hip area.

  • Hip pain on the upper exterior area
  • Tenderness
  • Radiating pain down the exterior thigh

Dislocated hip

If the left hip is dislocated, it can cause hip pain in the upper left hip area. This injury occurs once the femur head of the thigh bone slips or forced out of the hip socket. Most cases of dislocations involve a downward or backward slip of the femur head.

Always bear in mind that a dislocated hip can trigger intense pain and immobility. In some cases, the neighboring nerves are also damaged which results to sensation loss in the ankle and foot on the affected side.

The possible causes of a dislocated hip include falls from a height and vehicular accidents. A large amount of force is required to dislocate the hip and can be accompanied by other injuries. If there are no complications present, the doctor will administer a sedative and reduce the affected bones.

Avascular necrosis

Avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis can trigger hip pain in the upper left hip. The condition involves death of the bone tissues due to the inadequate blood supply.

Fractures and bone collapse are the usual complications. The possible causes of avascular necrosis include alcoholism, joint dislocation and using steroid medications. Always bear in mind that the hip joint is commonly affected which includes hip pain, diminished active range of motion and radiating pain to the groin up to the thigh.


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