Usual triggers of a seizure

A seizure arises from an internal or external stimuli. The underlying cause of a seizure lies in the brain in which a certain abnormality leads to periods of unusual electrical activity. Take note that a trigger will not cause epilepsy but can provoke a seizure. In most cases, one or more triggers are usually present for a seizure to occur.

If you want to be prepared, you should take into consideration the following triggers of seizures if a family is prone to the condition. In doing so, they can be avoided in order to prevent a future episode from occurring.

Common triggers of a seizure

Stress and fatigue

Based on a study, stress is a trigger of seizures. Some individuals respond to stress and stressors in various ways and each has its own stress threshold. Stressful scenarios triggers seizures but the same scenarios will have no whatsoever effect on another individual. In some circumstances, fear of experiencing seizures can cause stress that eventually triggers a seizure. The usual stress-induced triggers include fatigue and sleep deprivation.

Individuals who suffered from seizures in the past due to stress should observe stress reduction techniques to prevent future episodes from occurring.


A seizure arises from an internal or external stimuli.

Light exposure and visual effects

Some individuals who have epilepsy end up with seizures if exposure to flashing lights or certain types of visual patterns or effects occur. This phenomenon called as photosensitivity tends to occur more among children and teenagers. The regularity of this happening declines with age. Only a few in their mid-20s have experienced this.

Video games in computer monitors or the rolling and flickering images on the TV screen can also trigger seizures. Even natural light such as flashes of sunlight over the trees or light reflected from water can also trigger seizures in some individuals. There are also visual patterns such as color stripes in contrasting colors that can instigate a seizure in some individuals.

Medications and alcohol intake

Always bear in mind that if the individual was unable to take the anti-seizure medication prescribed by his/her doctor, it has been the common trigger for experiencing an episode. Even taking a dose late than the prescribed time or missing out on one or more doses can instigate an episode.

If the individual uses recreational drugs such as cocaine, it will lead to an episode. Engaging in binge drinking of alcoholic beverages can trigger a seizure even among those who do not have epilepsy.

By being familiar with the common cause of seizures, you are ready to provide the appropriate measures if a family member is about to experience one. It is best that you are prepared by enrolling in first aid training in Winnipeg today.



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