Warning indications for anemia

Anemia is characterized by a low level of red blood cells in the body due to iron deficiency. If the body is low in iron, the body struggles to produce hemoglobin which is a protein that transports oxygen from the lungs to circulate throughout the body.

The condition can originate from pregnancy, cancer, excessive menstrual periods or lack of vitamin B9 (folic acid). Remember that anemia which is established via a blood test can cause various symptoms. This ailment can progress to a severe one if not treated and a severe case can be fatal. Once any of the signs and symptoms of the condition are evident, it is vital to set an appointment with a doctor so that further testing can be carried out.

Signs and symptoms of anemia


Severe exhaustion might be an indication of anemia in some individuals. As the condition progresses, exhaustion can disrupt with daily activities at home or at work.

Heart irregularities

An erratic, racing heartbeat or chest pain is also a warning sign that an individual has the condition. The iron deficiency that occurs with anemia can lead to serious heart symptoms.

Cold extremities

An individual suspected with anemia usually have cold feet and hands.



An erratic, racing heartbeat or chest pain is also a warning sign that an individual has the condition.

Dizziness is also an indication that the individual has the condition. The episodes of dizziness can become intense and more frequent as the condition progresses.

Diminished cognitive skills

An individual might have diminished cognitive abilities since the brain is affected by anemia.

Difficulty breathing

Gasping or difficulty breathing might be an indication that the anemia is affecting the overall health of the individual. Take note that difficulty breathing can progress as anemia becomes severe.


Tinnitus or ringing in the ears might be an indication of the condition. It is still unknown why tinnitus occurs with the condition but there is a connection between the 2 disorders based in one study.

Diminished sex drive

A diminished sexual drive might be an indication that an individual has the condition. Remember that the ailment saps the body from energy, thus sexual interest eventually wanes.


Pica is a condition that develops once an individual has the urge to eat unusual substances such as paper, ice, clay or food items that produce noise when bitten. It is important to note that pica is often linked to the condition and the exact cause is still unknown.


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