What are the effects of excess acid in the body?

Once excess amount of acid accumulates in the body, the doctor will diagnose the individual with the condition called as acidosis. It is important to note that there are two main forms of acidosis – metabolic acidosis and respiratory acidosis. Metabolic acidosis occurs once there is excess acid in the body while respiratory acidosis occurs when there is excess carbon dioxide present in the body. Generally, acidosis develops as a result of chronic diarrhea, uncontrolled diabetes and kidney, respiratory or liver disease. In severe cases, the effects of acidosis can be life-threatening.

Stomach upset

Always bear in mind that acidosis can initially trigger mild stomach upset among individuals who are affected. The individual can feel nauseated or vomit and can even develop a decrease in the appetite. The effects of excess acid in the body usually persist and increase in severity until the condition is fully resolved. By enrolling in a first aid class today, you can learn measures to relieve this symptom.

Excess acid

Always bear in mind that acidosis can initially trigger mild stomach upset among individuals who are affected.

Headache, weakness and fatigue

The unusually elevated level of acid in the body can prevent the vital organs from receiving the required oxygen. As a result, the muscles will eventually become weak and the energy level is diminished throughout the day. The headache and severe fatigue will make it hard for the individual to stay focused or stay attentive while performing daily activities. Once acidosis persists, the effects can be debilitating and can prevent the individual from being able to move normally without assistance.

Breathing difficulties

Breathing difficulties can also occur as a consequence of the elevated blood levels of acid. In most cases, the individual will notice that the breathing rate is faster or deeper. The fast breathing rate can eventually lead to lightheadedness or dizziness and can even worsen the discomfort caused by the headache. In severe cases of acidosis, the individual can stop breathing which can cause fatal complications.


Acidosis can interfere with the amount of oxygen that the brain receives. Once there is inadequate oxygen supply, the nerves within the brain could not convey signals properly all over the body. As a result, the individual will feel strangely confused or worried. These effects of the condition will make it difficult for the individual to complete daily tasks and can affect interactions with others.

Shock, coma and death

If excess acid is left untreated, it can result to a drastic increase in the blood pressure which is also called as shock. Always bear in mind that shock can result to dizziness, chest pain, pale or bluish skin, rapid pulse, sweating, restlessness and shallow breathing. Once the acid levels in the body stay high for an extended period, severe acidosis can lead to loss of consciousness, coma, malfunction of the organs and even death. It is important to seek immediate emergency care if the individual experiences any of the effects of this condition to ensure that prompt and appropriate care can be provided.


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