What are the signs of bites from bed bugs?

A bed bug is best described as a tiny, flat insect that primarily feeds on human blood by biting its victims. Take note that bed bugs usually bite their victims while at sleep during the night. It can be difficult to determine if an individual has been bitten by a bed bug if you cannot find evidence of a bed bug infestation. If an individual feels that he/she has been bitten by bed bugs, you have to check for signs of bed bug bites as well as evidence of bed bug infestation as soon as possible.

Important consideration to bear in mind

The reaction of an individual to a bed bug bite can vary. Some do not even show any visual signs of a bite while others develop a severe allergic reaction. If the signs of bed bug bite manifests on the skin, it might take up to two weeks to appear.

How to identify bed bug bites

A bed bug bite can appear strikingly similar to a mosquito bite. The signs of a bed bug bite include redness, swelling, itchiness and irritation on the site of the bite. Individuals who have an allergic response to the bed bug bites usually exhibit symptoms such as large-sized marks and areas of pain where the bite was sustained. The marks left from the bed bugs can be scattered or a single bite may follow another in a line.

What are the signs of infestation?

The mark left on the skin from bed bug bites is a clear indication that your home is infested with bed bugs but since these marks take some time to manifest, you have to search for other signs of infestation.

Other signs to watch out for include stains from the bloody feces of bed bugs, smell of mold and the hard exterior skin left by the bugs after they mold and of course the bed bugs which are frequently present in the bedding.

bed bug

The symptoms of anaphylaxis can result to death. This is why an EpiPen will surely come in handy.

Important considerations to bear in mind

Even though it is not often that a bite from bed bug can cause a dangerous medical condition, there is the possibility that a bed bug bite can cause an anaphylaxis. Take note that anaphylaxis is an allergic response that can be triggered by certain medications, food and insects. The symptoms of anaphylaxis can result to death if the treatment for the condition is not delivered right away. This is true for individuals who already experienced a severe allergic reaction to a bite from a bed bug. With this in mind, these individuals usually bring along an EpiPen that is used during emergencies. If you want to learn more about the first aid care for allergies, click here.

Bed bug bites can also cause sleeplessness and worry. The severe itchiness caused by the bites can also lead to skin irritation if the individual consistently scratches his/her skin.


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