What are the usual causes of front neck pain?

Neck pain can occur due to issues involving the neck nerve, muscles, ligaments, spinal discs and the vertebrae. It is important to note that the neck pain can manifest in any part of the neck, including the front part of the neck. In addition, certain medical issues, traumatic injury and throat infections can trigger front neck pain.

Generally, if you suspect that an individual experiences front neck pain, it is best that the individual will consult a doctor right away for proper assessment and diagnosis. If you want to learn how to manage front neck pain, click here.

Causes of front neck pain


Neck pain-front

Laryngitis is an inflammatory condition involving the larynx which can cause front neck pain.

This is an inflammatory condition involving the larynx which can cause front neck pain. Furthermore, a viral infection affecting the upper airways is the common cause of acute laryngitis. The potential causes of chronic laryngitis typically include extensive talking, allergic reactions as well as exposure to tobacco smoke, gastroesophageal reflux and bronchitis.

The usual indications of laryngitis include loss of voice, voice changes, difficult swallowing, fever and sore neck or throat. The severity of the symptoms depends on the degree of the inflammation. The treatment options are focused on allowing the voice to rest, increasing the fluid intake and inhaling steam. If the individual has been smoking, he/she must stop to prevent laryngitis or worsening the condition.


Whiplash is an injury that affects several soft tissues in the neck. The front neck pain that has a link to whiplash is due to the quick neck extension and flexion. The common cause of whiplash includes vehicular accidents but can also occur while playing certain sports.

In general, the front neck pain is considered as a common symptom of whiplash. Other accompanying signs and symptoms include ligament sprain, stiffness of the neck, headache, numbness and tingling sensation in the extremities, muscle strain, memory loss as well as dizziness, inability to concentrate, fatigue and depression. Many can recover from whiplash after three months. An individual suspected with whiplash injury must be properly assessed by a doctor to determine the extent of the damage and start the appropriate course of treatment to promote the healing process.

Throat cancer

Throat cancer involves malignant lesions or cancerous tumors that occur in the throat, tonsils or voice box. There are certain activities that can increase the risk for throat cancer such as consuming excess amounts of alcohol, chewing tobacco and smoking. Other possible risk factors that increase the risk for throat cancer include exposure to asbestos, poor dental hygiene and the human papillomavirus (HPV).

The usual indications of throat cancer include cough, sore throat, ear pain, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing and abrupt, unexplained weight loss. An individual can utilize various strategies to minimize the risk for throat cancer which includes avoidance of tobacco smoke, eating a balanced diet, consuming alcohol in moderation and being careful when working around chemicals.






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