What do scabies look like?

Scabies is considered as a prevalent form of skin disease triggered by Sarcoptes scabiei which is a microscopic mite that burrows deep into the upper skin layer to lay its eggs. Scabies looks similar to a rash or blister and can appear as small bumps or pimples on human skin.

This skin condition affects millions of individuals all over the world every year and often spreads through sexual contact with an infected person. The condition can also spread by sharing clothes or bedding with an infected individual. In most cases, various medications are used to relieve the itchiness and eliminate the mites. By enrolling in a first aid class, you can learn measures to help ease the symptoms.

Appearance of scabies


Among older children and adults, the rashes often have small-sized red bumps that strikingly resemble insect bites.

The skin condition manifests as pimples or rash on the skin. The small-sized bumps or blisters might have pus and break once scratched. It is important to note that scabies can also appear as thin wave-like lines on the skin which are similar to pencil marks. These lines are created by the mites as they burrow into the skin to lay their eggs. In most cases, the lines are red in color or dark.

Remember that sores can manifest on the skin if the individual scratches the area. Eventually, scabs will appear and the skin starts to thicken, often with the scratch marks evident. If not treated, the sores can become infected with bacteria.

Common sites of infestation

The rash, pimples or burrows characteristic of scabies typically appear in parts of the body where skin folds are present such as the rear of the knee or elbow creases. The indications typically manifest in the webbed area in between the fingers. The other common areas include the buttocks, penis and shoulder blades.


In some cases, an individual with scabies ends up with large-sized skin bumps that can grow up to ΒΌ inch wide. These nodules that are brown or red in color usually appear in parts of the skin that are covered by clothes such as the trunk of the body.

Infestation among children

The indications of scabies in children below 2 years old tend to appear widely all over the body along with rash or pimples that cover the mid-section as well as extending up to the neck and head. Take note that the mites can infest the scalp as well. Babies and young children might have rashes on the soles of their feet or hands. Babies might also have small blisters filled with pus.

Infestation in older children and adults

Among older children and adults, the rashes often have small-sized red bumps that strikingly resemble insect bites. Scabies often manifest on the genitalia and abdomen in adults and older children. They can also appear on the skin folds at the buttocks and waist. In some cases, the rashes can develop on the breasts, particularly the dark area surrounding the nipples and on the shoulder blades.


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