What foods to avoid by children with asthma?

It is estimated by millions of individuals currently have asthma. Always bear in mind that good nutrition can provide a positive effect on health, while a poor diet can worsen or aggravate various health conditions. The symptoms of asthma among children typically improve if certain foods are avoided in the diet, but it is recommended to consult a doctor to learn measures to properly manage the acute attacks.

Obesity and asthma

Always bear in mind that asthma is quite common among individuals who are overweight. Remember that this health issue might have a substantial impact on more than just the cardiovascular health.

Obesity is known to trigger asthma by affecting the lung mechanics, affecting chronic inflammation and dysfunction of the immune system, thus activating the genes involved in hypersensitivity. Since obesity can trigger asthma, an individual should try to cut down weight in order to minimize the risk for asthma attacks.


Sulfites have been connected to severe asthma reactions that range from wheezing to full closure of the airway.

Children whose mothers were overweight during pregnancy are more likely to develop asthma, thus indicating a link between obesity and healthy immune development in the fetus. Foods that promote obesity include low-nutrient, high-calorie snacks, sugar, fast food and other simple carbohydrates.

Processed food

Other foods that can worsen asthma are preservatives such as sulfites and other chemical food additives. Sulfites are present in foods such as Asian foods, shrimp and even pharmaceuticals.

Sulfites have been connected to severe asthma reactions that range from wheezing to full closure of the airway. Children who are diagnosed with asthma must avoid any foods that contain sulfur dioxide, potassium metabisulfite, potassium bisulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium sulfite and sodium metabisulfite. Other preservatives and chemical food additives can trigger asthma in some children.

Food allergies and asthma

Many studies have been linked to allergies to foods such as eggs and dairy to asthma in children and teenagers. Always bear in mind that children with food allergy are more likely to experience a life-threatening reaction to the trigger food.

Useful tips to bear in mind

It is recommended to consult a doctor regarding the potential of food allergies and intolerances, especially to dairy products. Some parents might simply opt to eliminate dairy products from the diet for 4-6 weeks and check if there is improvement in the asthma symptoms.

Processed foods, fast food and processed sugars should be eliminated from the diet to help the child maintain a healthy weight. Appropriate physical activity is also vital, thus try to cultivate some family activity time outdoors or at the local gym so that it will be more fun such as skating, basketball or cycling.

Always encourage the child to eat a healthy, whole-food diet with focus on nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and healthy fat and protein sources.

Along with the prescribed medications given by doctor, avoidance of these foods can help minimize the occurrence of asthma attacks.


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