What is the proper way to use silvadene?

It is important to note that silvadene cream or silver sulfadiazine is a prescription medication that is applied on the skin to treat certain infections. Silvadene produces a seal that serves as a barrier in order to prevent infection from developing.

Always bear in mind that the cream is primarily used in treating burns, particularly second and third-degree burns. In some cases, it is also used in treating pressure ulcers. Take note that silvadene is a sulfu drug and must not be used on those who are suffering from sulfa allergy. The medication should also be used on external areas only. If you want to learn more about silvadene, you can register for first aid training today.

Steps in using silvadene


Wrap or cover the burn or ulcer using sterile non-adhesive gauze pad.

You have to take into consideration these measures when using silvadene in order to achieve the best results.

  • All the required materials should be gathered and place them on a clean towel in an area that is easy to reach.
  • You have to cleanse the affected area or ulcer gently in warm water and mild soap using a soft washcloth. You should pat the burned area dry with a soft clean cloth or towel.
  • Apply a thin layer of silvadene over the affected area or ulcer. Make sure that you will wear sterile gloves and a clean cotton swab. During the application, the cream should be about 1/16 inch thick. You have to utilize a clean swab for every application on large areas that require more than just a single application. Silvadene should be applied once or twice a day.
  • Wrap or cover the burn or ulcer using sterile non-adhesive gauze pad. The non-stick pad should be covered with one or two slightly bigger sterile gauze pads.
  • The gauze wrap should cover the gauze pad. You can utilize the stretchable type of gauze wrap to secure the bandage in place. A medical tape should be applied to hold the gauze wrap in place.
  • Always keep the burned area covered with silvadene and a bandage. You can apply it for at least two weeks to achieve the maximum effect. Do not stop the application unless a doctor has been consulted.
  • Monitor for any signs of an allergic reaction which includes redness, burning sensation, itchiness or blistering of the skin. The severe side effects which include chills, fever and shortness of breath would require medical care as soon as possible.

Considerations to bear in mind

Second and third-degree burns and all types of ulcers must be properly assessed by a healthcare professional. Individuals who have diabetes, nerve damage and poor circulation should also be treated by a doctor. Additionally, a doctor should be consulted regarding tetanus vaccination in severe cases of burns.

Take note that silvadene can cause a minor brownish discoloration on the skin but this is normal. You have to store silvadene in a closed container at room temperature.


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