What to do for pain under the ribs after eating?

When an individual is enjoying a meal, it can be ruined if he/she develops rib pain. The burning, discomfort and pain under the ribs is a usual indication of various conditions such as heartburn, indigestion, severe allergic reaction or even peptic ulcer.

The pain under the ribs that occurs occasionally is the likely outcome of heartburn or indigestion. In case the individual experiences pain every time he/she eats, it can indicate peptic ulcer. As for severe pain under the ribs that manifests after eating specific foods and accompanied by other symptoms, it is an indication of anaphylaxis which is a severe allergic reaction.


It is important to note that indigestion is commonly mistaken as heartburn, but it is a different condition. Remember that the individual can have both conditions at the same time, thus they are often confused as the same.

When it comes to indigestion, it is a sensation of fullness during a meal that can trigger pain in between the chest bone and navel along with a burning sensation in the chest area. The indigestion can also cause increased episodes of bloating, belching, gas and even stomach upset.


It is important to note that heartburn can cause a burning sensation in the chest and back of the neck after eating. The condition is a result of food combined with the stomach acids that return back into the esophagus right after eating.

Pain under the ribs

It is important to note that heartburn can cause a burning sensation in the chest and back of the neck after eating.

The sphincter is the muscle that enables the food to enter the esophagus and eventually closes to prevent the stomach fluid from entering the throat. Heartburn develops when the sphincter malfunctions, usually due to overeating, being overweight or eating spicy foods. The pain is usually aggravated when lying down on the back or when bending over. Occasional cases can be managed with over-the-counter antacids that reduce the amount of acid in the stomach.

Peptic ulcer

If the individual experiences pain under the ribs during eating, it can indicate a peptic ulcer. Even though some individuals find relief from the ulcer-related symptoms after eating, others end up with worse symptoms after eating food. Always bear in mind that a peptic ulcer is basically an open wound that develops in the esophagus, stomach or opening of the small intestines.

The consumption of foods and beverages can also irritate the open sore, thus resulting to pain in the chest. Most cases of ulcers can be managed with antibiotics since they are essentially caused by a bacterial infection.


If the individual ends up with pain under the ribs along with other symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, skin rashes, hives, elevated heart rate, facial inflammation and low blood pressure, it simply indicates anaphylaxis which is a severe and dangerous allergic reaction. Remember that this condition entails immediate emergency care and an injection of epinephrine.


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