Why frequent hives occur?

Many individuals can experience an episode of hives throughout their lifetime. Hives are described as localized, elevated areas of skin that become inflamed and severely itchy. This skin condition occurs once the body releases histamine that initiates an allergic reaction all over the body that can manifest as hives. Remember that hives has a variety of causes. When it comes to chronic cases of hives, they are uncomfortable, painful and difficult to manage. An individual must consult a doctor in order to determine the exact cause as well as discuss possible treatment options.

Food allergens

There are certain foods that can cause frequent outbreak of hives. When it comes to food allergies that can trigger frequent hives, it includes chocolate, dairy products, shellfish and nuts. Those who suspect that food allergens are the trigger of frequent hives should schedule an appointment with a doctor so that tests are carried to determine the specific food allergens that cause the body to react. In most cases, an allergist will recommend allergy shots or immunotherapy to manage the condition.

Frequent hives

An individual who is subjected to constant stress and anxiety can end up with chronic hives.

Environmental allergens

Environmental allergens might be the cause of frequent episodes of this skin condition. The allergens are the usual cause of hives. Individuals who have allergies are more prone to end up with hives. The common allergens that trigger frequent hives include dust mites, pollen, mold, cockroaches and pet dander. In case an allergy is the cause for the frequent episodes of hives, the treatment and preventive measures involves the avoidance of all potential triggers.


An individual who is subjected to constant stress and anxiety can end up with this chronic skin issue. Emotional stress can also lead to frequent outbreaks of hives. An individual must report to the doctor all the possible sources of stress or anxiety in their lives for proper diagnosis and treatment of the skin condition.

Physical conditions

There are also physical factors that can cause frequent hives. Some individuals can suffer from cold hives where the body experiences an allergic reaction upon exposure to cold temperatures.

The occurrence of frequent hives might be due to extreme changes in the temperature such as staying out in a summer day and going into an air-conditioned store. Engaging in strenuous exercises and physical activities as well as exposure to the sun can also trigger frequent occurrence of this skin condition.


If there is a particular medication that causes frequent hives, it is usually easy to identify since the allergic reaction manifests within minutes of ingesting the medication. Using any medication can trigger hives. The individual must inform his/her doctor about all medications taken including over-the-counter ones.

Some of the commonly used medications that cause frequent hives include antibiotics, diet supplements, sedatives, laxatives, pain relievers, herbal supplements and vitamins. The individual should stop using any medications that causes this skin condition and consult a doctor.


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