Winnipeg First Aid and Effective Communication with our Clients

With our extensive experience in the teaching field which ultimately stemmed from being a student, Winnipeg First Aid courses understands the needs of our clients by meeting and exceeding their expectations as participants of the workplace approved class. As a large majority of clients are required to take this course, that does not mean these personal skills may be applied to day to day activities to ensure the safety of  yourself and those around you.

We aim to to keep all Standard First Aid, CPR and AED courses to have an educational and professional environment. We welcome our students to ask questions as well as provide feedback. Our teachers are trained to be as clear as possible. If the situation arises where your training is required, we want to ensure that the skills you will employ will be correct. While we understand some clients have difficulty with English as it is their second language, feel free to ask prior to registering if we can help in another language. We will do our best to accommodate your needs whether it be using additional visual aids or reviewing important steps further. Our patient, understanding and respectful instructors will make this learning experience fun and educational. We will try to recreate conditions where the situation requires you to think quickly in order to handle an emergency situation. As a result of incorporating the best strategies to thoroughly recall the lessons from your training from Winnipeg First Aid, our staff will use different modes of perceptions such as visual, auditory, tactile and kin aesthetic. We do not feel that merely reciting off the book will give our clients best way to absorb the data. Individuals learn from different intelligences. As a result, our teachers heavily emphasize the 4D’s: demonstrate, describe, do, debrief/discuss. Our teachers will first demonstrate the steps for different types of scenarios whether it be child CPR, choking or cardiac arrest. We will then describe our actions in detailed step by step instructions. We will then have students do the steps while we carefully monitor and cheerfully offer any assistance. Afterwards, we debrief/discuss what the participants just learned as this will help connect the skills they just acquired as well as bring up any questions they may have.

Winnipeg First Aid wants our clients to have fun and educate themselves in our CPR courses. We want their training to be second nature so that if an accident occurs, our students can react correctly and efficiently.