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First Aid Care for Envenomation (Poison Management)

Envenomation occurs when venom enters into a person’s body causing systemic or localized poisoning. Although deaths due to envenomation are rarely reported in Canada, it can cause serious complications that may require hospital admission, even intensive care. Venom is a poison that is secreted by an animal such as snake, jellyfish, or spider. It is […]

Top Ten First Aid Myths

A lot of us believe that we know some basics about first aid, some of these being passed on from generation to generation, but are all of these true? Some of these beliefs may be incorrect and may cause fatal outcome. Let us discuss some of the common first aid myths in order to avoid […]

How Medical Identification Devices Can Ensure Successful First Aid

When providing first aid, it is essential that you have necessary information about the victim. Medical identification devices are invaluable sources of information. They allow quick, concise medical health information about the victim. Usually, people with certain medical conditions or using certain medications are recommended to carry or wear a form of medical identification, usually […]

AHA Updates on CPR Technique

In 2010, the American Heart Association has released new guidelines on how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Basically, the current guidelines have rearranged the first three steps of CPR. The new guidelines recommend starting with chest compressions before establishing the airway and providing artificial respiration. The AHA-recommended CPR technique applies to adults, children and infant […]