Is it a heart attack?

A heart attack has distinctive signs to watch out for. If worried that one is about to occur, there are warning signs to observe even if the individual does not complain of any symptoms.

What are the signs?

Since there is limited outward signs to indicate that an individual is experiencing a heart attack, it is hard to detect.

The usual physical signs of a heart attack include chest pain or heaviness. Oftentimes, the individual has shortness of breath or sensation of pressure in one or both arms or in the jaw and neck.

Some of the things that might be happening to an individual having a heart attack include the following:

heart attack

The usual physical signs of a heart attack include chest pain or heaviness.

  • Rapid breathing where the individual could not catch his/her breath
  • Rubbing his/her arm or chest (this is an indication of pain or discomfort)
  • Individual appears pale or gray (this reaction can be caused by both pain and fear)
  • Sweating
  • Cool to the touch

What are the other signs of a possible heart attack?

Feeling of impending doom is also listed as a symptom of a heart attack where some individuals feel that they are going to die.

It is important to note that distraction alone is not essentially an indication of a heart attack but if accompanied by other usual indications, it might be a potential sign.

If these signs are present, the more probable for the individual to be experiencing a heart attack. When an individual is suspected of a heart attack, call for emergency assistance right away.

More Information / Disclaimer

The information posted on this page on a heart attack is for learning purposes only. Learn to recognize the signs and how it is treated by taking a  standard first aid course with Winnipeg First Aid.


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